Dr. M.Farida Begam
 Head of the Department, Information Science, and Engineering
 B.E.,(CSE-Bharathidasan University)
 M.Tech(CS-NIT Trichy). 
 Ph.D. (CSE-Bharathidasan University)
 Computer Science and Engineering.

 E-mail ID: farida.b@cmrit.ac.in, hod.ise@cmrit.ac.in
 Mobile No: +91-8220876618

Experience (Only for Professors and Associate Professors)

18 Years of Teaching Experience in renowned Institutions like, NIT Trichy, Manipal University, Dubai, Sastra University, HCT Dubai and Murdoch University Dubai
1.3 years of Industry Experience in Infosys Technologies, Chennai.

Areas of Interest in Teaching

Operating System, Computer Networks, Data Mining, Machine Learning and Theory of Computing

Areas of Interest in Research

Semantic Web Technologies, IoT,  E-learning, Knowledge Management, Machine Learning, and Data Mining


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Invited Talks
  • Given Technical Session "Bayes Reasoning- Naive Bayes Classifier and Document Classifier" in Machine Learning Workshop conducted at CMRIT

Events Attended

  • J2EE workshops conducted by Infosys Technologies Ltd, India
  • Infosys Campus Connect Foundation - FDP
  • Automata, Lex/Yacc workshop conducted by Infosys Technologies Ltd, India
  • E-Government Workshop conducted by Dept. of IT, Manipal University Dubai.
  • attended various workshops like mobile application development, Mobile Submit conducted by Zayed University, Dubai