Dr B Narasimha Murthy
MSc, M. Phil, PhD

Professor & Vice-Principal
Department of Chemistry
C M R Institute of Technology


Experience:  18 years

Areas of Interest in Teaching:   Engineering Chemistry & Physical Chemistry

Areas of Interest in Research:  Nano materials & Photo Catalysis



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 1 Dr  .B Narasimha Murthy Mechanistic and Kinetic study of UV-light induced Photocatalytic degradation of Quinalphos in aqueous TiO2 suspension Bulgarian Chemical
 39(4), 2007, 269-275.
 2 Dr  .B Narasimha Murthy Studies on the immobilization of acetylcholine esterase enzyme for biosensor applications. Food and agricultural immunology19(4)2008,273-281
 3 Dr  .B Narasimha Murthy Characterization of Mo doped TiO2 and its enhanced Photo catalytic activity under Visible light. Catal .Lett 125 (2008)320-330.
 4 Dr  .B Narasimha Murthy Studies on the selectivity of an acetylcholinesterase based biosensor for organophosphorous pesticide analysis Advanced Biotech.23-29, April 2009
 5 Dr  .B Narasimha Murthy Acetyl Cholinesterase based Biosensor for organophosphirous pesticide analysis: Reactivation studies Trendz in Biotech 4(4)August2009,19-21
 6 Dr  .B Narasimha Murthy Structural characterization of Th-doped TiO2 Photocatalyst and its extension of response to solar light for photocatalytic oxidation of Oryzalin pesticide: A Comparative Study Cent.Eur.J.Chem 7(1) 2009 118-129
 7 Dr  .B Narasimha Murthy Influence of Mn2+ and Mo6+ Dopants on the Phase Transformations of TiO2 Lattice and its Photo Catalytic activity Under Solar Illumination Catalysis Communications 10 (2009) 794–798.
 8 Dr  .B Narasimha Murthy Heterogeneous photo catalytic degradation of anionic and cationic dyes over TiO2 and TiO2 doped with Mo6+ ions under Solar light: Correlation of dye structure and its adsorptive tendency on the degradation rate, Chemospere,76(2009)1163-1166
 9 Dr  .B Narasimha Murthy Photo catalytic degradation of imidachloprid under solar light using metal ion doped TiO2 nano particles: Influence of oxidation state and electronic configuration of dopants, Catalysis letters,130(2009)496-503.
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 11 Dr  .B Narasimha Murthy Validation and application of an ascorbate oxidase biosensor for the rapid analysis of Vitamin C in food and pharmaceutical samples. Food and agricultural Immunology 21(2)2010,103-111
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 13 Dr  .B Narasimha Murthy Enhanced photocatalytic activity of transition metal ions Mn2+, Ni2+ and Zn2+ doped polycrystalline titania for the degradation of Aniline Blue under UV/solar light. Journal of molecular catalysis A:Chemical 328 (2010) 44-52
 14  Dr. B Narasimha Murthy


 Isolation and purification of a new organophosporous hydrolase for biosensor applications. Advanced Biotech journal -2012
 15  Dr. B Narasimha Murthy


 Laccase based amperometric biosensor for industrial waste water-A comparative study on covalent immobilization methods on gold electrode. IOSR Journal of applied chemistry
  7(10), 2014, 20-27.
 16  Dr. B Narasimha Murthy


 Studies on enhancing operational stability of a    reusable laccase-based biosensor probe for detection of ortho-substituted phenolic derivatives. 3 Biotech, DOI 
 17  Dr. B Narasimha Murthy


 Effect of PH and Temperature on Deflouridation of Drinking Water by using activated Alumina Based Adsorption. IOSR Journal of applied chemistry
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 18  Dr. B Narasimha Murthy


 Immobilized laccase-based biosensor for the detection of disubstituted methyl and methoxy phenols- application of Box-Behnken design with response surface methodology for modeling and optimization of performance parameters.  Artificial Cell, Nanomedicine and
 Biotechnology DOI

 19  Dr. B Narasimha Murthy


 A novel amperometric catechol biosensor based on a-Fe2O3  nanocrystals-modified carbon paste electrode. Artificial Cell, Nanomedicine and
 Biotechnology DOI
 20  Dr. B Narasimha Murthy


 Bulk Synthesis of Thermally Unstable 5-Amino-3-methylisoxazole Using Silica Coated Magnetite Nanoparticles (Fe3O4 @SiO2).  Asian J. Chem. 28, 12 (2016),
 21  Dr. B Narasimha Murthy


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 22  Dr. B Narasimha Murthy


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 DOI 10.1007/s11696-017-02380