Design Thinking is a solutions-based way of thinking and solving problems. It literally begins with empathy - and which classroom couldn't use some more of that? Then, we move on to synthesizing, experimenting, testing, prototyping, and learning! In this session, you'll learn all about design thinking and give it a try with your own ideas. You'll learn how it might be applied in your class, your school, and your community.

Today's Objectives:

Learn about design thinking - by DOING design thinking!

Identify how design thinking might benefit your learners, class standards & objectives, teaching practice, and community.

Have FUN, challenge your creative confidence,

The Process (IDEO)

Design Thinking Crash Course


WHO should use it?


Design Thinking Activities:

"Yes, But vs. Yes, And"

Pair up and assign the group a task (e.g., to plan a party). For round one, have everyone start each sentence of their conversation with “Yes, BUT”. After the first round, ask your participants how the conversation went? How was the party they planned? For round two have participants start their conversation with “Yes, AND”. After the second round, ask the group how the round went and compare the two conversations. The differences between the two will be striking!

Purpose: Collaboration, showing the difference between an open and closed mindset


IDEO Tools

Design Thinking for Educators - Download the toolkit & check out their user-submitted design examples.

Design Thinking Bootleg

Getting Started With Design Thinking in the Classroom by John Spencer

Design Thinking for Kids? - School's In podcast on developing creative confidence; how K-12 teachers can implement the process with kids

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