What's Up in Elementary


On March 2nd we will celebrating Dr. Seuss' Birthday at the Elementary Library 
at 1:30 pm.  
Students, be prepared to receive a surprise!  


We have located several tents around the Elementary Building - a good place to share with your child/children for Parent Reading Buddies starting at 2:20.  Parents you are welcome to come and read and have fun with your children.

Wishing you the best during these holidays.  Enjoy your family and friends; be safe wherever you go.

Elementary STUCO lead by Adelle Smith and Maria Daniella Haeussler, appreciated and congratulated our Maintenance workers, bus drivers and monitors, school guards and cafeteria workers during the Holiday baskets and backpacks assembly this morning at our school theater.  Thank you!!

Happy Holidays to All!

Show your Holiday Spirit by wearing next week...

Countdown to the holidays

Today we saw our second graders shine on stage, demonstrating their reading aloud skills in a short play, "Lost Little Bat." It was impressive to see their strong skills in acting, reading and the confidence they showed on stage. Congratulations, second graders; you really are shining stars!

In third grade we discover how we have learned so much about the past. We do this by studying the science of archaeology. We discover what archaeologists do and how their findings teach us about so many past civilizations. As part of our study, we get to be archaeologists for a day, and take part in a real life excavation! Here we are, finding many buried artifacts!