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5th Grade Moving-Up

Colegio Maya

The American International  School of Guatemala

Cordially invites you to our 2017-2018

“Fifth Grade Moving-Up Ceremony”

Place: Dr. Sherry Miller Theater

Date: May 29, 2018

Time: 1:30 pm

“A community that inspires excellence in every learner by developing their unique mind, body, and character to become independent, value-driven citizens.”                             

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Colegio Maya Theater











01:30 PM

Potluck after the ceremony at the MPR

Suggestions for Parents before Conferences

On Monday, March 19, is student led conferences for first through fifth grades and we want you as parents to be prepared to have a wonderful conference experience with your child. This is a moment for him/her to convey their learning to you.  Some students will be eager and confident to share; others will be somewhat shy and not as confident.  It is important to remain positive throughout the conference and encourage your child to talk about their learning. Below you will find some tips that will help guide you through the conference.  Each teacher will have their own style or format; however the tips below will be supportive in any situation.

Before the Conference

  1. Make this a time when your child has your undivided attention – no siblings please.

  2. Sit on the same side of the table as your child.

  3. Respect the privacy of conferences that may be taking place at the same time.

  4. Allow your child to direct the conference (however you can encourage when necessary.)

During the Conference

  1. Focus on the positives.

  1. SMILE!

  1. Provide encouragement for future growth.

  1. Look for the development of thinking skills and ideas expressed in creative writing.  Emphasis is not placed on spelling and grammatical structure in these assignments.

  1. Employ the following active listening skills:

    1. Use eye contact

    2. Maintain positive body language

    3. Listen attentively

    4. Paraphrase.

    5. Offer encouraging comments

  1. Ask open-ended questions, such as:

    1. Did you choose this piece of work?  Why did you choose it?

    2. Tell me more about this.

    3. Is this your draft copy or your final copy?

    4. If you did this again, what would you do differently?

    5. Did you do this work individually?  With a partner? In a group?

    6. What skill or strategy did you learn/use during this assignment?

    7. How did you do this?

    8. Show me the steps you took to complete the project.

    9. Tell me something new you learned as you worked on this.  



Welcome to Mr. Jason Frantz, our ECC- 2nd grade Music Teacher and Martin Lara to Ms. Zink's class.

Calebrating Resilience - NEVER GIVE UP!!!


Thank you! first grade parents for signed up to help us to learn more about your family's heritage and culture. We really enjoyed.