This website provides links that will build on your maths knowledge. 

Meeting your goals

1. Use assessment and feedback to set goals for building your maths knowledge.

2. Go to the page that will meet your goal (Number Sequence, Fractions, Place Value or Basic Facts)

3. On each page you will find videos and activities that link to your goal. 

4. Watch the videos to remind yourself about how to complete the activity.


6. Make sure you go back to earlier goals and activities. It is important to keep practising these so they remain fresh in your brain.
    Try to practice every 3 weeks to keep your knowledge fast and accurate!

7. CELEBRATE - it is great to see you building your knowledge. Hooray!
     Look at where you need to go next. What is your next step?
                                                                       Set a new goal and GO for it.

From time to time links get changed or magically disappear. 
If you are using this site and can no longer access a link please let us know so we can update it.

 Ko ia kāhore nei i rapu, tē kitea.

Those who do not seek will not find.