Week 5 Term 2 2017 
Kia ora koutou!  

Great week last week and to top it off you were incredible ambassadors for Pink Short Day. Thanks for getting in behind the action.  Everyone appreciated their pink balloon and message.  

Pretty straight forward week this week.  No Kapahaka though because Whea Marryanne is away at a Tangi.  We didn't quite get our post Spelling Test done on Friday so we will do that after Jump Jam along with the new list pre-test. Statistics will continue with Median and Mean Monday & Wednesday then onto our Statistical Investigations. Remember it is only two weeks to go until our Genius and Drama presentations so any spare time you get should be spent fine-tuning this. Next week is our last week for Believe You Can Achieve reading unit so make sure you are reaching for the stars with this one.

Sticks n Stones Ambassador Training 1pm Monday 29th
Technology bus leaves at 8:45am Tuesday
Rippa Rugby Tournament NEXT  Thursday (all day)
Genius Hour / Drama Presentations Tuesday June 13th 1:30pm all parents welcome!


 MONITORS for Week  5      Term 2        2017
 Sports Gear Monitors this week are.. Phoebe & Vanessa
 Peer Mediators this week are.. Emily & Emma
Assembly & Lunch Monitors this week are.. Phoebe & William

Very Impre
ssive Pupil
this week is: 
Trey Nelson

 Week Sports Shed Monitors Term 2  Sports Shed Monitors Term 3
 1 Maria / Emma 1 Paige / Tayla
 2 Troy / Trey 2  Saxon / Ryan
 3 Emily / Arlia 3 Vanessa / Emma
 4Sam / Oscar 4 Trey / Ben
 5 Phoebe / Vanessa 5 Leif / Finn
 6 Ben / Theon 6 MacKenzie / Jasmine
 7 Chloe / Peyton 7 Phoebe / Maria
 8 Connor / Peyton 8 Troy / William
 9 Maria / Emma 9 Olivia / Poppy
 10 William / Riley 10 Angus / Aidan

 Term 2
Peer Mediator Timetable
Assembly Monitor Timetable
1Saxon / TheonTroy / Maria
2Jasmine / PhoebeRiley / Vanessa
3Finn / BenTrey / Emma
 4MacKenzie / Maria Ben / Phoebe
 5Emily / Emma William / Phoebe
 6Aidan / Riley Theon / Vanessa
 7Tayla / EmmaTroy / Emma
 8Ryan / TreyRiley / Phoebe
 9 Olivia / Vanessa Ben Maria
 10 Angus / WilliamTrey / Vanessa
Term 3

Peer Mediator Timetable

Assembly Monitor Timetable
 1Poppy / Phoebe William / Emma 
 2Leif & TroyTheon / Phoebe 
 3 Arlia / MariaTroy / Maria
 4 Sam / Theon Riley / Vanessa
 5 Chloe / Emma Ben / Emma
 6 Oscar / Ben Trey / Phoebe
 7 Peyton / Vanessa William / Maria
 8 Connor / Riley Theon / Vanessa
 9 Paige / Phoebe Troy / Emma
 10 Emily / Maria Riley / Phoebe

 Term 2 Events Coming Up (subject to change) 
Birthdays: MacKenzie 26th May; William 1st June; Troy 12th July (holidays)
Sticks n Stones-Ambassador training 15th May fortnightly
Queens Birthday-Monday June 5th
Rippa Rugby Tournament-Thursday 8th June  pp day 9th June
Basketball - From Friday 19th May
ODT Spelling Quiz- Wednesday June 14th 6pm Cromwell (3 teams x3)
Ice Skating - July 3rd, 5th and 6th
End of Term - July 8th

Key Competencies: managing-self; 
English:  Writing-reports / explanations;  Reading- Non-Fiction Articles; Spelling; DEAR; 
Statistics, Multiplication & Division; Weekly Warm Ups; 
Social Studies Ko wai koe? Ko wai tatou? Who am I? Who are we?-Local Community
Science: Yoga, Daily Fitness; Jump Jam; 
Art:   Weekly School Assembly Song; Keith Harring-Colour Theory contd; Optical Illusions; Design a School Manaia; 
Languages:  French; Te Reo; Japanese???