Week 4 Term 3 2017 
Kia ora koutou! Thank you all for another fabulous week.  Awesome to watch the girl kick-butt during the Girls Self Defence course last week and the boys keeping the work ticking over back in the classroom. Miss Hay is really enjoying her time in charge and has been quite impressed with your skills and abilities as learners.  Keep this going my friends.
This week is the second in our literacy fortnight so Spelling City and Reading Tasks are the go.  We will be starting a new Maths Topic Unit on Measurement-Looking at capacity to begin with so keep an eye on your groups and workshop times.

SCHOOL CROSS COUNTRY Wednesday 16th 1:30pm
Togs for RIVER SAFE Tuesday & Thursday, leave school at 12:30pm
Technology bus leaves at 8:45am Tuesday


 MONITORS for Week   4     Term 3        2017
 Sports Gear Monitors this week are.. Trey & Ben
 Peer Mediators this week are.. Sam & Theon
Assembly & Lunch Monitors this week are.. Riley & Vanessa

Very Impre
ssive Pupil
this week is:
Saxon Morgan

 Week Sports Shed Monitors Term 3
 1Nesta / Sam
 2  Saxon / Ryan & others
 3 Vanessa / Emma
 4 Trey / Ben
 5 Leif / Finn
 6 MacKenzie / Jasmine
 7 Phoebe / Maria
 8 Troy / William
 9 Olivia / Poppy
 10 Angus / Aidan

Term 3

Peer Mediator Timetable

Assembly Monitor Timetable
 1Poppy / Phoebe Nesta / Emma 
 2Leif / Troy + othersTheon / Phoebe + others
 3 Arlia / MariaTroy / Maria
 4 Sam / Theon Riley / Vanessa
 5 Chloe / Emma Ben / Emma
 6 Oscar / Ben Trey / Phoebe
 7 Peyton / Vanessa William / Maria
 8 Connor / Riley Theon / Vanessa
 9 Paige / Phoebe Troy / Emma
 10 Emily / Maria Riley / Phoebe

 Term 3 Events Coming Up (subject to change) 

RIVER SAFE: Tuesday July 25th & Technology 9am River Safe 1pm (bus departs 12:30pm) TOGS needed & Thursday 27th (bus departs 12:30pm) TOGS
School Cross Country: - Wednesday Aug 16th-afternoon
CO Cross Country: -Thursday Aug 24th-CO Cross Country
Senior School Ski Day Coronet Peak: Friday 25th August and  Miss Hay's last day.
HPV Injections: -Wednesday Sept 6th -HPV injections Yr 8
School Photos: Wednesday Sept 6th
School Disco: -Friday Sept 22nd-School Disco, run by year 8 team

Curriculum Plan
Reading: continuing with Information / Non-fiction texts til the end of week 5, then we will be reading a chosen novel
Writing: regular fortnightly spelling lists and word skills work; review the structure of an information text then move into constructing our Speeches ready for Week 8 & 9 this term.
Maths: Review and finish off Multiplication & Division skills then move into Geometry and Measurement looking at volume, capacity and 3D cylinders. Following this we will begin to dive into Fractions, Proportions and Ratios.
Genius Hour: Following the success of our last Genius Hour, we will begin this again in Week 6 with presentations due in week 4 of Term 3 (the week before Year 8 Camp). Drama club will continue each Tuesday and Miss Hay will be taking the others for Art.
Inquiry: The focus this term is on Ko wai koe? Ko wai tatou? Who am I? Who are we? as New Zealanders and with the national elections looming this will be our target topic.
PE & Health: Cross Country training and Skiing for the first three weeks then we will move into Circuit Training. A big focus this term will be on managing our stress so that we can enhance our learning opportunities better.
Art: As yet undecided but we hope to look closely at a current New Zealand artist.