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Term 4

Please bring homemade sweets on Wednesday the 13th! Please bring a very small piece for each child there are 23 in the class!

Panto 2017

Well it’s that time of year again, good heavens where has it gone to???

Hard to believe but our first panto is in 3 weeks time!

Just a few things to bring to your attention.

  1. Our theme is Japanese/Chinese
  2. Our song is Japanese and our dance is Chinese ( Kung Fu Fighting) Our song and dance is on our class Blog so please encourage your child to practice the both at home especially the song as it’s in Japanese and we need lots of practice.
  3. Costumes:

-Could all the children please have a beanie of any sort but with a long black plait down the back or 2 on the sides made out of black wool or even an old black stocking cut up and plaited!

-They also need some baggy clothes to represent a Japanese or Chinese person. If you want to there could even be something at the costume hire place in Alexandra on Russell St.

I appreciate your support!

Thank you Cherelle

***Bring to school tomorrow the 9th November a famous or well known New Zealander who is making an impact on NZ or around the world.

A reminder that this will be due in soon, you only have a few weeks to get signed off!!!

Welcome back, term 4 where has that year gone???
There are 9 weeks in this term so it's going to fly.
The children have all been amazing getting back into their learning as if they didn't have 2 weeks off. A few things coming up:
Next Wednesday our athletics sports is on, heres the timetable for the day:
Spirit of Clyde
This is the last few weeks to get your Spirit of Clyde completed. Please check your form carefully you will find that you have already completed some of the activities throughout the year! You must show some evidence where needed for myself to sign it off.

Term 3
All children need a new 1A8 plain maths book. Could they please have on by next week, thank you. 

Oops I'm very sorry but where has that time gone?? I have been so busy focussing on class work and Maths Club that I have forgotten about touching base here!
We had our plays last week and I felt so proud of all the children. Thank you too for the amazing turnout to support your children!!!!!
Yr5's and some Yr4's are off to Coronet this Friday and the rest are going to the Snow farm next Friday, lucky guys!!!!!

Term Two
Week 10
Ice skating this week, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday!
We are having a shared lunch this Friday, I'm happy to heat things up. A little reminder if you have any flax we'd really appreciate it!
Great term guys you all rock! I hope you will be very proud of your reports when they go home on Friday!
Have a fun safe holiday and see you Term 3!!!!!

Week 9
Well you can tell not much has been happening apart from our day to day learning, sorry about no notices last few weeks!!!
Next week is our last week where has the term gone. Everyone is very tired so I know it's going to be a restful holiday for everyone! Next week Jayden's whānau are joining us for a lesson on weaving flax into flowers. His koro is coming down from Auckland so this will be very special. So we need some flax please if you have any it would be very welcome.
Please look at the following Maori Protocol link when cutting flax.


Winter is arriving with lots of cold frosty mornings! We have lots of bugs flying around our room at the moment so if you're feeling really sick please if you can stay home and snuggle down! 
Last week of swimming, hope you've been on our blog site and have seen the swimming videos.
Mrs Lerew is back this week!
Week 4
A very quiet week ahead! Swimming is going really well. It's great to see the improvement in the children in such a short time. If you go onto our class blog Small Steps you will be able to see some video clips of the children swimming!
Mrs Lerew is away on holiday this week in Bali, lucky thing, so there is no maths club this week! A wee reminder guys to complete you practice numeracy sheets and fill in your chart.

Week 2
Well that didn't take long for the first week to fly!
Swimming has taken a big chunk out of our week, so the plan is to have one week writing when we get back from swimming and the next week will be maths until swimming is finished. You guys rock I felt so proud of you all at the pool. You are all careful listeners and I have noticed you all do your best swimming when you have been listening carefully and watching your instructor. Keep it up and remember to bring your togs, goggles and a towel.
Some of you are starting Poi this week on a Wednesday morning for Maori, you will love it. The idea is to learn where the tradition came from, why and to create some lovely dances using them.
We have also started ukelele again with Baz this term. We are so lucky to have these lessons and once again I want to say how wonderful you were during our first lesson! Ka pai!!!!!
Remember your maths practice sheets this week!

Week 1
Welcome back to a new term and hope you've all had a great holiday and of course we are straight back into it. 
Swimming for the first 5 weeks every Tuesday and Thursday so remember to bring your togs. You will have to be at school before the bell goes as we are heading away first thing in the morning. Girls make sure your hair is tied back!

This term I will be out of the class every afternoon taking children for extra numeracy practice. Mrs Lerew will be relieving in our class during that time.

Week 10

Just one thing going on this week and that's our trip to the Adamson's Bee farm. We're leaving school tomorrow at 10.45. Bring a warm jacket!
Next Wednesday to celebrate the end of term we're having a shared lunch! Bring a plate of food and a plate to eat off!

Week 9
Hi everyone hope you've all had a lovely weekend I certainly did and I know briar did as I ran into her in Arrowtown and she had been looking for gold in the Arrow river with her family. What a great way to spend your Saturday Briar!
A quiet week this week! I am very proud of the children who have been organising themselves to get their maths practice sheets completed during the week. You are becoming self regulated learners!
Also a huge thank you to our wonderful yr5's who have been stepping up in class and helping our younger children. I love watching your interactions and how you have been patient, kind and encouraging. It's just been awesome to see, you guys are becoming true leaders, you rock!
Kapahaka is looming up so get those singing voices going and your dance moves!

Click on the picture below and find fun ways to support your child in Reading, Writing and Maths at home! Our home/school support is vital and can be fun!

Week 8
A busy week for me! I'm off to Dunedin Wednesday and Thursday for a maths course ALiM (Accelerated Learning in Mathematics) Mrs De Beer is in the class and she's just lovely!
Remember your numeracy practice sheets to be done by Friday and your STEPS and Mathletics homework!

Week 7
Welcome to week 7! Well what a great trip we had to the marae last Wednesday. The children were fantastic watch our Blog site as the children will pop on a recount of their trip with photos!
We have believe it or not a quiet week ahead of us. Well done to those of you that completed your 2 maths practice sheets, keep up the great work! I have added a new link Training our Brain under Home, pop in and have a wee look and try a few of the activities.
A wee reminder to do your STEPS and Mathletics homework and keep that reading up!

Week 6
Hope you all had a lovely weekend. I certainly did spent the weekend ca,ping out at Albertown, went mountain biking, spent time with friends and had a yummy lunch out today, even had a dip to cool off in the river after biking!
Just a wee reminder what's happening this week:
Wednesday: Yr 5 Marae trip. Please be at school just before 7.30am eeek awfully early but has to be done! Bring plenty of food (morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea, a drink bottle, sun hat and a warm top or jacket as it can be very cold down there!) For those who haven't paid for their tea money please pay tomorrow. We should be back round 8pm!
Apart from that a quiet week!

Week 5
SOS: Are there any wonderful parents, family friends or grandparents that would be willing to give some time to hear children read during our reading time? We have reading Monday to Thursday straight after play at 11.30am-12.30pm. if you're keen please let me know!
Oh goodness where is the time going? We are getting into our learning and well done you guys who are hopping onto this site and reading the messages and showing your parents. 
Things happening this week:
Wednesday afternoon/Thursday after school interviews so parents if you haven't made a time yet hop on to the school site and do that please. 
A very big welcome to our room to Remi who's going to be coming in for writing and maths and to Meisha who has moved in permanently. We are very happy to welcome you into Tui!
If you haven't bought your Who Am I forms back please get them filled in and returned asap!!!!
I've also added the class timetable so click on the link under Home.
I hope you are all practicing the 2 gorgeous wee waiatas for our Marae trip. Sing sing sing!!!!!
You also need to have your tea order form with the money by this Friday please for the Yr5's.

Week 4
Could you bring a note to school saying what part of the world your parents have come from and where you were born. Also you have your Who Am I? sheet to fill in and bring it back by Friday.
Swimming Sports Wednesday: Bring your swimming togs and a towel in a named bag please. We leave just after 9am and will be back for lunch!

Week 3   A really interesting read for parents! I totally agree with the message it's sending to all of us and I also have my grandchildren in mind too. it will be interesting to hear what you think about this! Click on the picture below!

Week 2
New notice for EOTC Week have a look below!!!!

Welcome to week 2! Firstly I would like Another short week and a busy one. We are getting ready for EOTC week so keep an eye out for any notices and Yr 4 camp.
Yr4 Camp: I need your notices back by this Thursday please! A bis thank you to the parents who offered to come and I'm sorry if you missed out.
We need parent helpers for the King's Dam afternoon please especially as we are biking, any offers????
Look below at the Recycled Art afternoon! You will need to bring your own string etc too!

Week 1 2017

Hi everyone!!!! A huge welcome back to the new school year it's going to be another busy one!
Now that you are all yr 4/5's this site is going to be your day to day go to for reading up to date notices, timetables. important information, school work etc and you will be expected to go into this site first thing in the morning or you can go into it even at home before you go to bed so you know what to expect the next day at school or any up coming events.
This site is also for your parents to see what you have been up to and some of the work you have been doing in class, keeping up with celebrated work on our blog page Small Steps and most importantly you must share with them any notices!!!
Two major things that are happening pretty quickly are outlined below, have a careful look!
Yr 4 camp is the last 2 days of EOTC week
 so you are not part of the Thursday and Friday as we are away. Y5's you will be here so you'll be with Kiwi.
Yr 4 camp: There will be a notice coming home end of the first week outlining full cost, food to bring and timetable. We will need 4 parents so please let me know if you can come. Friday we head over to Walter Peak and I'm sorry but parents will need to pay for their ticket, I hope that's ok!