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1. How will I communicate with my child’s teacher or the Virtual School Administrator?

Parents and students can communicate through email, telephone conversations, written correspondence, or personal appointments. Communication information will be provided at the time of orientation.

2. What access to technology will the student have?

Students may use their home computers or lease a computer through the school district of residence. When available, students may also access computers in their community, such as those at public libraries. The Cluster assumes no responsibility for costs to computer hardware, software, or Internet connections. Maintenance and technical support will be limited to Cluster A computers.

3. What tests are required?

The only tests related to course completion are those required in the course curriculum. Students are also required to complete the Wisconsin Forward Exam during the state mandated testing period.

4. Can students participate in extra-curricular activities?

Online students are eligible to participate in co-curricular activities at their school of residence. All co-curricular guidelines and rules apply in your resident district. Sports will only be available for full-time students in the resident district.

5. What process will be used to enroll students?

All students will complete a Cluster A Virtual School program application form and submit their course registration to the Cluster A Coordinator. Once the enrollment form has been received, a face to face interview with the student, parent/guardian, and the Cluster A Coordinator will occur. During this meeting, the goals and learning plan for the individual student will be developed and approved by the group. Slots for each course will be filled on a first come first served basis and a waiting list will be kept for any additional requests for that course.

6. Do courses meet Wisconsin standards?

Yes, courses meet state and national standards.

7. Who can enroll?

Access to the Cluster A Virtual School Program is open to any Altoona, Augusta, Fall Creek, Gilmanton, Mondovi, Osseo-Fairchild, and Eleva-Strum student, grades 6-12 interested in experiencing online learning. Contact Jill Horel, Cluster A Coordinator, at 715-286-3342 or your district’s high school guidance counselor for more information.