About Cluster A


The Cluster A Consortium was established in 1972 by five small, rural school districts in west central Wisconsin: Altoona, Augusta, Eleva-Strum (1972 - 2001), Fall Creek and Osseo-Fairchild. In 2008, Mondovi and Gilmanton joined the consortium.  In 2009, Eleva-Strum returned to Cluster A. Throughout the history of Cluster A, the consortium has worked together to create and solidify a common core of educational needs, goals, and objectives. The philosophy of the Cluster remains: by working together and combining resources, the districts can provide for all what each cannot provide on it's own.

Mission Statement

The school districts of Altoona, Augusta, Eleva-Strum, Fall Creek, Gilmanton, Mondovi,and Osseo-Fairchild each seek to create and maintain educational programs that assist students in becoming successful, productive members of society. To better achieve this goal, these seven districts agree to cooperate with each other to provide expanded educational opportunities for their students. Collectively these seven districts will be known as Cluster A.

As members of Cluster A, each of these seven districts will participate in the development and maintenance of shared academic, vocational, and/or integrated programs. Each district will allocate resources, including people, money, supplies, transportation services, and equipment in a manner that supports the accomplishment of cooperatively determined Cluster goals.

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