Meeting Minutes

October 5th, 2015

  • President:   Trey Mathews
  • Vice President:   Lexi Morrisey
  • Secretary:   Kate Passannante
  • Treasurer:   Amanda Harvey
  • Community Outreach Coordinator:   Chelsea Biefeld
  • Seminar Coordinators:   Zane Clark and Ray Turro
  • Faculty Liaison:   Linden Allison
    • Your chemistry board information is due by fall break!
    • Possible activities for National Chemistry Week include Tye-dying lab coats, demonstrations, mole-lasses cookies for Mole day and having our club president wear a mole suit
    • Chemistry Camp has a tentative date of February 13th
    • We are starting an American Chemical Society chapter and need 6 ACS members! Any upperclassmen looking to go to the ACS conference in the spring needs a membership
    • We also need an outreach program for the ACS chapter:
      • Talk to Trey if you want to join a Science in Motion chapter
      • PA Junior Science and Humanities Symposia (March 20th – 21st) is looking for volunteers to help judge
      • Science Olympiad (April 23rd) is also looking for student coordinators and judges

    February 5, 2014

    Congratulations to the 2014-2015 Chemistry Club Officers
    President:           Rachel Rowlands
    Vice President:   Trey Mathews
    Treasurer:           Cara Stough
    Secretary:           Leila Terrab
    Ombudsman:      Linden Allison and Loren Ball
    Webmaster:        Zane Alexander

    Meeting Minutes:
     Thank you again everyone who helped out with chem camp. We raised $1490 to help fund the trip to the ACS conference in San Diego.
    The Patrick's Lodge trip scheduled for April 13th has been canceled due to the chemistry department retirement symposium which will be help on April 13-14th. Exact details as to the times and locations of the talks will be emailed to everyone in the coming weeks. A tentative schedule can be found on the chemclub website seminar page. 
    Chem club will be helping with the registration on Friday April 13th from 3-6pm if you interested in helping, respond to this email.
    Current Gamma Sigma Epsilon members will be taking care of the centerpieces for the Friday dinner.
    Dinner with Dr. Reed and Dr. Fisher has tentatively been rescheduled for April 18th at 6pm (evening of Liberal Arts Symposium).
    Chem. Club Minutes Wednesday February 8, 2012
    Retreat at Patrick's Lodge is confirmed for April 13th.
    Movie Night at the Fisher/Reed House- Potentially Friday March 16th
    ACS-we got money from the local section of ACS so the budget for the trip is looking promising!
    Chem. Camp
    Thanks everyone for contacting the schools, hopefully we will get the forms faxed out
    If you still haven't gotten the child abuse clearences please get the forms to Amanda ASAP
    All the rooms/labs have bee reserved
    TLT-camera to zoom in on demos
     Pick the lab that you want to do.
    Chem. Club Minutes Wednesday January 18, 2012
    Welcome Back!
    Chem Camp- Periodic Table Adventures
    Chem Camp will be Saturday February 25th. Save the date!
    If you haven't gotten the child abuse clearences within the past three you need to fill out the two forms attached to the email and return to any of the club officers or put it in the chem club mailbox in the chem lounge.
    Lab ideas So Far:
    Introductory Session about periodic table

    test for iron-complexation
    Copper/Zinc Alloys- Shiny Pennies
    Silver- Tollens Test
    Reactivty of Aluminum/Copper
    Carbon- Nylon, Cyalume

    There is a google doc for you to pick what you would like to help out with on the day: walker, teacher, demo committee.
    Advertising (Call main office, ask if it is okay to advertise, get the details about faxing the flyer or dropping it off)
    Sarah B./Christine R.- elementary schools
    Amanda S. and Kat C.- middle schools
    Katie H.- newspapers
    Kat C.- radio
    Thomas T.- announcements
    Katerina K.- Website
    Patrick's Lodge
    Friday April 13th
    Chem. Club Minutes Monday November 28, 2011
    The shirts have been ordered and will arrive by the end of this week
    An email regarding the time and location of T-shirt pickup will be sent once the shirts arrive
    Chemistry Camp
    We would like to start planning chemistry camp before we all leave for winter break
    We will pick a date next semster in Feb.
    Everyone helping out at the camp will need to get the clearences from the state, the club will be covering the cost of the applications. If you filled out the cleasence last year you do not need to submit it again
    Advertising: Amanda will make the flyer over break and as soon as we get back. We advertise at the Elementary Schools (Standong Stone, Juniata Valley, Huntingdon, Mt, Union [may need someone to drive to drop off the papers], Southside, Altoona), Middle Schools, the newspapers, radio, on the Juniata Arch/Announcements.
    Theme: Periodic Table Adventures
    We will need lab teachers, walkers, and a commitee of people in charge of the demo show
    We will have 5 labs total
    Potential Labs:
    Tollens Test
    Potential Demos:
    Gummy Bear/KMnO4
    Chem. Club Minutes Monday November 7, 2011
    Please sign up to help on the googledoc
    All of the necessary materials for the sale will be at the info desk
    "Vintage Shirts" will be sold at the table starting tomorrow at lunch.
    Movie Night
    Dr. Fisher and Dr. Reed are unable to accomadate us for the orginally scheduled date. We will try to reschedule the movie night for another Friday. It most likely will not not be this semester due to all of the speakers and seminars.
    Chemistry Camp
    We should start planning this semster becasue it always creeps up on us in the spring semester.
    For those going to the ACS conference, you are required to help !
    The camp is for kids ranging in age from 5 to 14 and we pick labs and gear them to the age groups.
    We will need people to teach labs, be walkers, and help coordinate everything behind the scenes.
            Theme ideas:
            Chemistry Through the Ages (alchemy, tye-dye)
            Chemistry of Food (Dip-N-Dops, Nuclear Mt. Dew, esters-food smells, magic milk)
            Chemistry in Television (CSI, Mythbusters)
            Periodic Table Adventure
            Chemistry Through the Body        
            Lab ideas:
            Silver Nitrate Tollens Test
            Please Come up with more lab ideas!
     Feedback about the first Biochemistry candidate.
     The next meeting will be November 28th.
    Chem. Club Minutes Monday October 24, 2011
    o  T-Shirts- Sell them for $10
    o  Black shirt, neon green font
    o  Table in front of Baker at Lunches and Dinner (Collect the money when they order)
    § 11:30-12:30pm
    § 5-6pm
    § 6-7pm
    § Sign Up On Google Doc (Will be sent out later)
    o  Order before Thanksgiving and have shirts beforefinals
    o  Excess Shirts from 4 years ago (blue Veritas Liberat)- $10 sold at thetable
    Healthy Halloween
    o  Wednesday October 26th
    o  VLCS- Lab across from 1022
    o  Set up at 4:30-6
    o  Runs from 6-8pm
    o  DEMOS:
    § Flame Tests
    § Elephant Toothpaste
    § Oscillating Reaction
    § Milk TieDye
    § Co2 in Pumpkin
    § Dry ice in water with pH indicator

    OSA Poster Contest

    Chem. Club Minutes Monday October 10, 2011
    •  OSA Poster Contest
      • Displayed at the November prospective student Open House
      • Due October 31st
      • Could win $50 for the club account
      • Work on it at the next club meeting on October 24


    • ACS Local Section Poster Session @ PSU
      • Thursday October 13th
      • Leaving at 5pm returing around 9:30pm (we will be carpooling)
      • Tour of PSU Chemistry Building
      • Networking Opportunities
      • Will count as a seminar for students in upper level chemistry courses
      • Possible trip to the creamery
      • RSVP to Chem Club by 9am on Tuesday October 11th


    • Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream
      • Monday October 24th 7-8pm
      • VLCS Lobby
      • We need volunteers, sign up on the google doc that was emailed to everyone on the list serve


    • Healthy Halloween
      • Wednesday October 26th 6-8pm
      • Setup at 4:30pm
      • HOSA, ASM, BBB will be having activities for children from the community who come to campus for trick-or-treat night
      • We need to pick demos
        • methane bubbles
        • liquid nitrogen- freeze peeps
        • peeps in a vacuum
        • oscillating reaction
        • flame tests
        • fog in pumpkin
      • If you are interested in helping sign up on the google doc
      • There will be a planning meeting with HOSA, ASM, and BBB at 9pm in VLCS 1022
    • Professional Research Seminars
      • There will be six seminars during the second half of the semester
      • Information will be sent out by email prior to each seminar




    Chem. Club Minutes Monday September 19, 2011


    If you haven’t yet filled out the participation agreement form please due so at the following link:


    ·         Chemistry has a new email address:   Please address all future emails to this new email address

    ·         Chemistry club also has a new website.

       If anyone is interesting in helping to build the website/ be webmaster please let us know!

    ·         Mailboxes in Chem Lounge are updated for Seniors and Juniors

    ·         Chem/Biochem POES- bulletin board near the printer. Survey will be emailed out shortly please fill it out in Microsoft word and include a picture. You don’t have to answer all of the questions if you don’t want to.

    ·         Summer research Presentations- more information will be coming out shortly

    o   Sunday 25th in Neff @5pm with pizza—Please RSVP so we know how much pizza to order

    o   Monday 26th in Sill @9pm (Tentatively)

    ·         Liquid N2 Ice Cream---We need volunteers, please email the club if you are interested in helping out 

    o   Homecoming Weekend- October 1st

    §  Marker chromatography activity for children

    o   Colleges Against Cancer Breast Cancer Awareness Week

    §  Tentatively Wednesday October 26th @7pm

    ·         Faculty Meeting Minutes

    o   Regional ACS Section Poster Session at Penn State University-  Tentatively October 13

    o   Fall Freshman Open House at the Hark residence- October 12th  4:30-6:30

    o   Department Open House for Prospective Students Friday September 23rd- Hallways/Labs/Write-Up rooms should be neat and orderl