Welcome to Bike JC!

Thanks for coming to our page, we're very glad you're here! This is the place for everything related to the Juniata College Cycling Association (JCCA). If you're curious about what we do, you're in the right place. If you want to know about upcoming rides, you're still in the right place. If you don't even know if you like biking but you're just thinking about it, look around, we promise you're in the right place!

Our motto in JCCA is "Ride, Advocate, Serve." We "ride" because we love to ride our bikes. It's a rare day to see any of us walking around campus. We "advocate" in order to spread the word and make sure that everyone in the area has an opportunity to be on two wheels. We "serve" in order to help maintain the trails, keep the woods beautiful, and make sure that everything is right in the cycling world.

We love heading out on adventures and doing anything to get our wheels turning, and we would love for you to come out and join us for an afternoon of fun.  Upcoming rides and other events will be posted on this site.  Contact information is also available for the club itself as well as our officers.

For random ramblings and fun, make sure to check out our blog!