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Meeting Recaps


posted Apr 19, 2012, 9:04 AM by JC AWOL   [ updated Apr 19, 2012, 9:04 AM ]

Hey All!!

I hope you have been enjoying PRIDE WEEK so far! Don't forget to wear the color of the day! 

At yesterdays meeting we discussed:

  • Str8 Talk - TONIGHT (4/19) @ 7pm in Sill Boardroom [Blue!]
    • Those who are participating should arrive at 6:30pm
      • Straight - De
      • Gay - Brandon
      • Lesbian - Kate
      • Bisexual - Kenyatta
      • Pansexual - Zalina
      • Asexual - Liz
      • Queer - Nikki
      • Questioning - Sophie
  • Peace Rally [PURPLE!]
    • Friday, April 20th @ 5:30 pm - Detwiler Plaza
    • Friday is also the Day of Silence
    • Bring a friend and have them bring a friend!

  • Graces House
    • May 2nd 3-6pm [Be prepared to leave closer to 2:30pm]
    • If you would like to go RSVP ASAP!! We need to know by next Wednesday. 
    • Let us know if you have any allergies or food restrictions.
    • Also, if you have a car and can drive, let us know. 

Hope to see you tonight for Str8 talk and tomorrow for the Peace Rally!!


  Your AWOL Officers,


posted Apr 19, 2012, 9:03 AM by JC AWOL   [ updated Apr 19, 2012, 9:10 AM ]

Hey All!!

Pride Week starts TOMORROW!! I hope you are all as excited as we are! :)

At last weeks meeting we discussed:

Pride Week - April 16th-20th - [Color next to the day is for the color shirt to wear!!]

  • Monday, April 16th @ 5pm [Red] - 'Coming Out' Chalk outside of Ellis [In case of rain: Inside Ellis]

  • Tuesday, April 17th @ 7pm [Orange/Yellow] - T*PU Gender Panel - BAC C225

  • Wednesday [Green] is Liberal Arts Symposium so we aren't doing an event...
    • But! There will be events going on that may interest you, such as Nikki presenting on "Tolerance at Juniata: the LGBTQ Community and Beyond" from 2-3pm in BAC C 116

  • Thursday, April 19th @ 7pm [Blue] - AWOL Str8 Talk - Sill Boardroom

  • Friday, April 20th @ 5pm [Purple] - PEACE RALLY - MOVED to in front of Kennedy [Detwieller Plaza]

Also, we have noticed and been informed from some of you that our posters have been taken down in many of the locations that we put them up in. Our plan is to have more signs printed and ready ASAP. We will be changing the location on the signs for the PEACE RALLY so please look forward for an email from us about the signs.

  • Elections went well, congratulations to those elected into new positions! The officers for next year will be:
    • Michel'Le 'Boot' Bennett as Co-President
    • Corby Hess as Co-President
    • Rachel Hilton as Secretary
    • Nikki Halstead as Treasurer
Hope you all have a great PRIDE WEEK, don't forget to wear the colors!!
See you at the meeting Wednesday!!

  Your AWOL Officers,


posted Apr 16, 2012, 7:52 AM by JC AWOL   [ updated Apr 16, 2012, 7:52 AM ]

Hello All!

I hope you all had a great break!

At last weeks meeting we discussed:
 Pride Week Aptil 16th-20th
  • Str8 talk **If you want to sit a seat that is not filled yet please email us**
    • Straight - De
    • Gay - Brandon
    • Bisexual - Kenya
    • Pansexual - ?
    • Asexual - Liz
    • Lesbian - ?
    • Queer - ?
    • Questioning - ?
  • T*PU Gender Panel - Tuesday April 17th
  • Peace Rally - on the Day of Silence (April 20th)
    • Will be outside of Ellis at dinner time
    • Clubs & Sports?
    • Banners need to be made
  • This week's meeting we will hold elections (April 11th)
  • Two seats will be up because Corby is stepping down from Treasurer to run for Copres.
  • Copresident
  • Treasurer

 Graces house

  • May 2nd from 3-6pm
  • 12 passenger van - if you want to come reply ASAP
Understanding Asexuality - A book recommended by Liz

Virginia Mollenkott - Discussion

Come prepared this week to do a lot for PRIDE WEEK and for the Elections!

Hope to see you soon!

 Your AWOL Officers,


posted Apr 3, 2012, 2:57 PM by JC AWOL   [ updated Apr 3, 2012, 2:57 PM ]

Hello All!

At the last meeting we talked about:

  • Drag Show Raised $229 for Relay for Life!!! We also received a $100 donation from the step team.

  • Pride Week: April 16th-20th!
    • Str8 Talk
    • T*PU Gender Panel/Workshop
    • PEACE Rally/Speak Out - more information next meeting!!!
      • Declaration/canvas with hand prints
      • April 20th! - Day of Silence
    • Coming out Chalk
    • Movie Night

  • Elections will be April 11th - more information at next meeting 

  • Dani's Note
    • Dani is stepping down as co-president due to academic reasons

  • Graces House
    • May 2nd; 3-6pm
    • 12 passenger van; more cars?
    • RSVP if you think you want to come/know you can come.

Dr. Virginia Ramey Mollenkott will be here TODAY! http://www.facebook.com/events/155948311193640/

  • "When the Bible Speaks of Homosexuality, Why Do Different People Hear Different Things?" 1:00 - 2:30 pm
  • "Greeting Hostile Discrimination with Compassionate Communication: Queer Spirituality" 7:00 - 8:30 pm

Next meeting is Wednesday, April 4th at 7pm in Founders 406!!

See you there!! :D

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  Your AWOL Officers,


posted Apr 3, 2012, 2:55 PM by JC AWOL   [ updated Apr 3, 2012, 2:55 PM ]

Hello Lovelies!

Today at the meeting we talked about a bunch of things!

  • Firstly, the Drag Show and Drag Ball! I will be sending a second message with ALL the information about making decorations, and times for set up! PLEASE read the second email to get this information!
  • Campus Activity
    • Incidents on JC campus have created a stir, but not with enough people. The group spoke about wanting the college to know more about everything that is going on and feeling uninformed.
    • Thoughts were: Newsletters for students only? Facebook page about the news.
  • Do you feel safe on campus?
    • Self Defense classes for all students - not just LGBT
    • More SafeZones and a bigger focus on getting as many students to them as possible.
  • News: "100 Real Tweets from Homophobes Who Would Murder their Gay child" a shocking page which enraged and shocked the group.

Please read the next email if you plan on helping with the Drag Show and Drag Ball!!!

Have a fantastic weekend, hope to see you all Friday night!

  Your AWOL Officers,


posted Apr 3, 2012, 2:54 PM by JC AWOL   [ updated Apr 3, 2012, 2:54 PM ]

Hello All!

At this weeks meeting we talked about:

Have a great week!

  Your AWOL Officers,


posted Apr 3, 2012, 2:53 PM by JC AWOL   [ updated Apr 3, 2012, 2:53 PM ]


Thanks to all of you who came out to our first meeting of the semester! I thought it went really well.

At this meeting we discussed the following things:

  • Drag Show & Drag Ball which will be March 16th and 17th, respectively.
  • An incident on Juniata campus
    • (If you were not at the meeting and would like a more in depth comment on this please feel free to reply to this message).
  • Yesterday was the first-ever National GSA Day!
  • Maryland, New Jersey and Washington are discussing Same-Sex marriage bills!
  • We discussed the impact of actress Cynthia Nixon's statements to the public about being gay by choice and different ways to react/look at this event.
  • We also mentioned wanting to have another AWOL retreat for this semester

We hope to see even more of your lovely faces next week for our second meeting of the semester.

Have a great week!

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  Your AWOL Officers,


posted Apr 3, 2012, 2:51 PM by JC AWOL   [ updated Apr 3, 2012, 2:51 PM ]

Hello AWOLers :)

This is your recap and meeting reminder in one!

This week’s meeting will be Wednesday (11/2) @ 7pm in Founders 406!

In last week’s meeting we talked about:

  • Our Retreat will be November 18-19th at Groves. If you want to go, email me back! Also, if anyone has board games they want to bring, feel free!
  • The Drag Ball - On November 12th, after the International Tapas Dinner. We will have more information about this at this week’s meeting.
  • "Bullied" a video about a boy who was bullied in Middle School and High school was discussed because it was shown in some classes on campus and how some students in those classes reacted in negative ways to the video.
  • We talked about the article, "Why Pride Matters in Small Town Moab, Utah" and how it is important for communities to express pride.
  • The Diversity Panels - http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=151143694983318&ref=ts

  • And how on November 16th T*PU will be helping us run our meeting since Trans* Day of Remembrance is on November 20th!

Have a great week, and we hope to see all of you Wednesday!

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  Your AWOL Officers,


posted Apr 3, 2012, 2:46 PM by JC AWOL   [ updated Apr 3, 2012, 2:46 PM ]

Good Afternoon!

At the meeting last week we talked about Graces, which we had on Sunday! It was a blast and we had a great turn out!

  • We also talked about Straight Talk which is TOMORROW, October 11th in Neff Hall (in VLB) at 8pm!

Everyone who is sitting the panel please be there at 7:30. The seats as of now are:


Straight - Emi
Bi - Sophie
Gay - Andrew
Lesbian - Nikki
Pansexual - Michael
Asexual - Erin
Queer - LJ
Questioning - Amberle

  • We also discussed Coming Out Day which is also Tomorrow. We will be meeting around dinner time (5pm-ish) in front of Ellis with chalk. For coming out day we get people to 'come out' in chalk on the sidewalk in front of Ellis to get the idea out there that everyone is involved even if they are not in the LGBT community directly.
  • October is LGBT History Month! At the meeting we talked about this and the events going on this month. This is a link to get more information on LGBT History! http://lgbthistorymonth.com/
  • We also talked about Spirit Day which is October 20th! Everyone should wear PURPLE!:) This is the link to explain what spirit day is: http://www.glaad.org/spiritday
  • October 24th Robin Becker, a Lesbian Poet, will be here on campus! She wants to have lunch with some people that day so if you are interested in eating with her please respond to this email to let us know! Her performance will be at 7pm that night!
  • We also discussed having more AWOL movie days - most likely out of the club unofficial meetings :)
  • This week’s meeting will be at 9pm! In our normal room, Founders 406. The time changed because of a Beyond Tolerance event that we want to let everyone have the opportunity to attend: https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=227131497341654

Have a fantastic week!
Your AWOL Officers,

Rachel - Secretary
Boot     - Co President
Dani     - Co President
Corby   - Treasurer


posted Apr 3, 2012, 2:44 PM by JC AWOL   [ updated Apr 3, 2012, 2:44 PM ]

Hello Lovely People!

Sorry for the late recap.

Graces on THIS Sunday (October 9th).
If you want to go you MUST tell us by Wednesday at the meeting is the latest possible time.

During our meeting last week we discussed how Religion affects the LGBT community. We had some interesting conversations and a good amount of viewpoints.

We also discussed having to fill the panel for Straight Talk. The ones with the ? are not filled yet.

Gay - Andrew
Lesbian - Nikki
Bi - Sophie
Straight - Emi
Asexual - Filled.
Pansexual - Michael
Questioning - ?
Queer - ?

Straight Talk will be on coming out day - which is this coming Tuesday.

We also discussed getting the Athletic Department more active in things such as safe zones. Boot is currently working on getting that done.

Another thing we talked about was Southwest kicking off Leisha Hailey, one of the L Word Actresses, for kissing her girlfriend on the plane.

REMINDER: This weeks meeting will be on Wednesday, October 5th at 7pm in Founders 406!

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Your AWOL Officers,

Rachel - Secretary
Boot     - Co President
Dani     - Co President
Corby   - Treasurer

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