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History of the Juniata Safe Zone Network:

The Safe Zone Network began first with the notion of creating a visible support system for all Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Asexual (LGBTA) people and their allies in the Juniata community. This idea was generated through discussion with members of All Ways of Loving (AWOL) and various members of the Juniata faculty. The Safe Zones Network addresses a need in the Juniata community for a visible, identifiable, empathetic, and knowledgeable group of students, faculty, staff, and administrators working together to foster a safe and supportive environment for LGBTA people. The Safe Zone Network is also a response to hostility, indifference, or silence many LGBTA students meet with at Juniata College.

The participants of the Safe Zone Network are chosen by the executive committee of AWOL based on a confidential application and selection process.

The Safe Zone Network Symbol:

The Safe Zone Network symbol was designed by Kathy Collins, a Juniata staff member. The Safe Zone Network symbol is based on the pink triangle. Gay men were required to wear a pink triangle while they were imprisoned in Nazi concentration camps in WWII. This symbol has been reclaimed to show pride and acceptance of sexual diversity within our society, as well as within the LGBTA community. Participants of Safe Zone Network are given this symbol to place on office doors, dorm room doors, binders, etc. A person displaying this symbol has applied for membership and has been accepted as a member of the Juniata Safe Zone Network.

Goals and Objectives:

The Safe Zone Network is designed to:

  • Create a well-informed campus community who can work together to make Juniata a safer and more supportive environment for LGBTA students and their allies.
  • Enable Safe Zone Network members to share resources and information with students and College employees.
  • Enable members to discuss their concerns and objectives regarding diversity at Juniata College.
  • Create a visible network of people who are empathetic and knowledgeable about LGBTA issues and concerns, and who can provide information, sensitivity, and understanding about LGBTA issues.
  • Provide evidence of support by displaying signs as a visible symbol of our community.
  • Reduce the fear of reprisal and discrimination against LGBTA persons in the Juniata community.


Members of the Safe Zone Network will come into contact with information about members of the Juniata community that is highly confidential. No information concerning faculty, students, staff, or administration may be used, released, or discussed with anyone out of the Safe Zone Network with out the authorization of the person it pertains to. Members are expected not to discuss confidential information in elevators, corridors, or anywhere where one may be overheard by others. Failure to respect the confidentiality of information is a breach of ethics and will be considered cause for immediate removal from Safe Zone membership.