Calendar of Events

AWoL Annual Events:

These are just some of the events sponsored by AWoL consecutively. Many other events sponsored by other student organizations are co-sponsored by AWoL, and there are always new events added each year. Club members may also travel to any number of conferences beyond what is listed here.

National Coming Out Day

Juniata is no stranger to Coming Out Day. Every year we hold a different event to commemorate the occasion. Such past events include: "Come out as..." in sidewalk chalk!, Speak Out (poetry & speeches), "Come out as..." on a giant poster, and the Secrets box (which remains unopened to this day).

Str8 Talk

At least once per year, volunteers of as many gender & sexual identities and sexualities as we can find will hold a campus-wide conference. Topics range from coming out to campus issues. All students and faculty are invited to come listen to a wide range of experiences, then engage the speakers in a Q&A period. Str8 Talk is an opportunity to learn almost anything you ever wanted to know about sexuality.

Day of Silence

Juniata College is a participant in the National Day of Silence, an annual event (usually in April) designed to protest harassment of all gender & sexual identities and their allies. Students who take part in the Day of Silence are asked to dress in black and remain silent for the entire day. They are provided with cards to hand out explaining the Day of Silence. Students with presentations, discussion-based classes, and jobs are permitted to speak as needed.

Drag Show & Dance

In the spring semester, AWoL sponsors a drag show & dance. All students (and faculty! We're looking at you, Grace) are welcome to perform or just watch. Prizes are awarded for the best performances. Even if you don't come in drag to the show, dress up for the dance afterwards - it's all in good fun.

End-of-the-Semester Retreat

At the end of the semester, AWoLers need to unwind. Grace, our faculty sponsor, and her spouse Dawn open their home to us some time around Reading Day for a relaxing evening filled with stories, entertainment, and wonderful home-cooked food. Anyone who's gone will tell you - it's the absolute best way to end the term.

SALE Conference *

Every spring, AWoLers visit our neighbors at Shippensburg University to take part in their annual SALE Conference. This weekend-long conference is a great chance for students to see a new campus and meet plenty of new faces. Shippensburg brings in guest speakers from all over the country to give talks and hold workshops - our very own Dr. Grace Fala included!

Open Hearts, Open House *

On February 14, AWOL reserves the Humanities lounge for the entire day. We have a movie marathon (with such films as Hedwig, Imagine Me & You, and The Opposite of Sex) and stock the lounge with snacks. All students and faculty are welcome to join in the festivities or just drop by for a cookie.  

The Rocky Horror Picture Show *

Rocky Horror actually consists of two events. First, we hold a campus-wide showing of the film at midnight around Halloween. Second, we take a group trip to the Cresson Lake Playhouse for their annual Halloween performance of Rocky Horror Live.

*These events are not always done each year. They are done when possible.