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Textbook List 2015-2016 二零一五至二零一六年度各級書單

posted Jul 9, 2015, 1:52 AM by Web Admin   [ updated Jul 10, 2015, 3:20 AM ]
Notes to parents/students:
  1. This textbook list is compiled in June 2015. The prices quoted are for reference only. Parents/ students can purchase their books from whichever bookstore they wish.
  2. Please refer to the Textbook Information webpage ( for checking the latest publication information of new textbooks, as well as the contact telephone numbers of the publishers concerned from mid-July to end of September. This will avoid the hassle of purchasing textbooks that are not yet published. The information will be updated every week during the said period;
  3. make enquiry to the publisher(s) concerned direct if the books listed in the school textbook list are not available on the market; and
  4. contact the EDB for enquiries related to the purchase of textbooks. (Remarks: The EDB operates the Textbook Information Hotlines: 3698 3947, 3698 3578 and 3698 4025 during the summer. Enquirers may also send emails to

  1. 此書單於二零一五年六月編訂,書本之報價只供參考之用。家長/學生可隨意到任何書局購買該等課本。
  2. 教育局於每年七月中至九月底期間,在「教科書資訊」網頁 ( 發布由課本出版商提供的新課本出版資料及聯絡電話,並會每星期更新,方便學生及家長參考,以免為購買未出版的課本而不必要地奔波;
  3. 倘若不能在市面上買到書單所列的課本,可直接向有關出版商查詢;及
  4. 教育局亦會於暑假期間,設立「教科書資訊熱線」,家長如就購買課本事宜有任何查詢,可於星期一至五,上午9時至下午6時,致電3698 3947、3698 3578 或 3698 4025;或發電郵至。

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