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The 50km Hiking Challenge 2016-2017 had successfully come to an end 本年度“挑戰50”遠足計劃圓滿結束

posted Mar 28, 2017, 5:33 PM by Web Admin

Jointly organized by the Counselling Team and the Healthy School Programme, the 50km Hiking Challenge 2016-2017 had successfully come to an end. The fourth and last hiking journey took place on the Dragon’s Back on 17 March 2017. This year, participants were challenged to hike over 50km from west to east on Hong Kong Island. What’s more, they had chances to admire Hong Kong from a different perspective through visiting historical relics, meeting wild animals face-to-face, cleaning up the countryside etc. The programme which aims to help students develop a healthy lifestyle, had attracted 85 participants this year, some of whom were first-time hikers. The programme will be continued next year!

隨著第四次旅程──「邁步跨龍脊 越嶺過西灣」於2017年3月17日完成,由輔導組、健康校園計劃合辦之「挑戰50遠足計劃2016-2017」宣佈圓滿結束。本年度「挑戰50遠足計劃」的主題是「縱橫港島」,四次旅程由西至東跨越整個香港島,總行程逾50公里。回顧四次旅程,學生得到不少不一樣的體驗:從另一角度認識香港的地貌、參觀文化古蹟、近距離觀察野生動物、在郊遊地點進行撿拾垃圾活動等。本年度共有85人次參與,當中不少學生首次參加遠足活動,為培養健康的生活習慣踏出第一步。下學年再會!

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