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Student Union Campaign 學生會答問大會

posted Nov 6, 2018, 6:50 PM by Web Admin
The Question and Answer Session of the Student Union Campaign was successfully held on 14/9/2018. There was 1 cabinet, Hacer, running for the election of the Student Union this year. The cabinet first introduced themselves to the whole school. The present Student Union, Blaze, and the Student Union Council then asked the Hacer questions concerning their platforms. After answering questions from students in the hall and the questions drawn from the Question Collection Box, Hacer made their concluding speeches on their platforms. The campaign ended with the President of the Student Union Council explaining the arrangements of the Student Union Election Day.

學生會答問大會於2018年9月14日 順利舉行。 本年有一個候選內閣(Hacer)參選。首先,Hacer向全校作自我介紹,再接受現任學生會 Blaze 及學生會評議會就其政綱之提問。 隨後,候選內閣即時回答由問題收集箱抽出的問題,再接受台下同學發問。完成所有答問環節後,候選會長總結政綱。最後,學生會評議會主席向全體同學講解投票日的安排。

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