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Orchestra from Firbank Grammar School and Brighton Grammar School from Melbourne, Australia 澳洲墨爾本Firbank Grammar School及Brighton Grammar School管弦樂團文化交流活動

posted Jun 7, 2015, 11:29 PM by Web Admin   [ updated Jun 7, 2015, 11:29 PM ]

An orchestra comprising of 51 students and 6 staff members from Firbank Grammar School and Brighton Grammar School from Melbourne, Australia visited our school on 30th March 2015 and performed a series of beautiful music pieces at our school hall.

It was a jovial morning for our teaching staff and students when they gathered in the school hall to listen to the enchanting and heavenly music performed by the orchestra. Some music pieces include, an orchestra, 'The Impossible Dream'; a string ensemble, 'Spring' from The Four Seasons by Vivaldi, and a solo, 'I still call Australia home'. The members of the orchestra not only introduced their schools and the Australian culture to us, the conductor, Mr. Simon Marsden also taught us some colloquial phrases people use in Australia. Finally, our student, Jarvis Tsang from 4D was invited to be a conductor for an orchestra, 'Waltzing Matilda'. It brought a flush of excitement to the whole school. In the Question-Answer Session, our students were very eager to ask the orchestra members questions about their schools, culture and experience of playing of instruments etc. The whole programme was interactive and light-hearted yet educational.

After the performance, our Principal, Mrs. LO and Mr. Marsden exchanged souvenirs, and we used Cantonese to show our appreciation to them in return. The performance ended joyfully with a big round of applause given to the orchestra. The members and teachers of the orchestra stayed for a refreshment after the performance while our students had a chance to converse with them and get to know more about their school life and culture. Our students have truly enjoyed the performance, and have been touched and inspired by the hard work and passion for music of the orchestra members. We are looking forward to having more cultural exchange programmes to be held in the future.

由51名學生和6名教師組成、來自澳洲墨爾本Firbank Grammar School及Brighton Grammar School的管弦樂團團隊,於二零一五年三月三十日蒞臨本校與眾師生交流,並演奏多首動人心弦的名曲。當日早上,眾師生懷著興奮的心情齊集禮堂,欣賞樂團的精心演出。多首名曲如 ‘The Impossible Dream’、‘Spring’及‘I Still call Australia Home’等皆繞樑三日。樂團團員介紹其學校和澳洲文化的同時,指揮Mr. Simon Marsden更即席教授本校師生一些澳洲人慣用語,場面輕鬆有趣。4D班曾思捷同學更獲邀擔任客席指揮,與樂團演奏一曲‘Waltzing Matilda’,掀起全場高潮﹗此外,雙方就兩地文化、演奏樂器等交流心得,過程饒富趣味性,眾人均獲益良多。尾聲時,羅蔡妍芳校長與Mr. Marsden互相致送紀念品,同學亦以粵語向樂團道謝,以達致文化交流的目的。是次交流活動最後在一片掌聲和歡呼聲中圓滿結束。樂團眾師生隨後享用茶點,並繼續跟同學輕鬆交談。在是次交流中,同學均深受樂團熱愛音樂的薰陶,全情投入參與活動。冀望日後有更多與外地學校交流的機會,拓闊學生的視野。

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