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A fabulous evening with superb ‘voices’ 三十五週年校慶綜合表演晚會

posted Oct 8, 2014, 7:49 PM by Web Admin   [ updated Oct 8, 2014, 7:50 PM ]

“Lift our voices up…” are not just the lyrics of our school song, but also the name of the first and fabulous musical celebrating the 35th anniversary of Chiu Lut Sau Memorial Secondary School.

Held on 5 July 2014 in Yuen Long Theatre, the auditorium was packed with over 900 guests, teachers, parents, alumni and students witnessing the splendid and dazzling moments of our Variety Show.

There were many performances by our students, alumni and parents, including a band performance, singing, drama, instrumental duet, dance, a cappella and a mini musical. The various performances showed the talent of the graduates and students of CLSMSS and how much they treasured the happiest and sweetest moments in our school. These impressed the audience with the all-round development of our school in not just academic achievements but also aesthetic fields.

The mini musical ‘Lift Our Voices Up’ brought the audience to a fever pitch. Although it was the first time for CLSMSS to stage a mini musical, the appealing plot, funny lines, sweet-sounding songs, marvelous acting and exiting dance routines of all performers amazed everyone. Their hard work over the past few months was rewarded by a round of thunderous applause from everyone. Their success realized the underlying message of the musical in that co-operation could really make things work. The a cappella sung by Gliss--a group of our alumnae continued the wonderful voices in our Variety Show. Their angelic voices spread joy and vitality and evoked memorable memories and touched the audience’s hearts with love. The performance made everyone recall the golden times they had in CLSMSS.

Beautiful voices did not end with the performance of Gliss. The Finale sung by our SMC Chairperson, Principal, Assistant Principals, PTA committee members, teaching staff and students captured the hearts of the audience and provided another memorial moment for this wonderful evening.


當晚,趙中樂團演奏悠揚悅耳的“A Simple Serenade”及“You Raise Me Up”,為晚會展開序幕,讓全場觀眾,包括嘉賓、家長、校友及師生們,都能迅速投入現場的歡樂氣氛當中。節目多采多姿,包括3B李銘灝同學以普通話獨唱《海之夢》,趙中合唱團演唱“The Rainbow Connection”及“Sing Joyful Praise”,舞蹈學會表演中國傣族民間舞蹈《緬桂花開》,中文戲劇學會演出粵語話劇《第八天》,以及音樂劇學會的英語迷你音樂劇“Lift Our Voices Up”,充分表現趙中學生多才多藝的一面。其中,迷你英語音樂劇更令觀眾耳目一新,演員在舞蹈、歌唱,演戲各方面都能發揮才華,盡展所長,給觀眾留下了深刻的印象,並將全場氣氛帶進高潮。校友們鼎力支持,參與演出,令晚會錦上添花,當中包括劉穎熙獨唱《當年情》,全女聲無伴唱組合Gliss演唱“Just The Way You Are”等幾首耳熟能詳的歌曲,以及吳華妹和黃素素以古箏、鋼琴合奏《菊花台》。當晚的壓軸項目為家長教師會合唱《明天會更好》,憑歌寄意,祝願各人都能夠朝自己的夢想進發,展開美好的人生旅程。


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