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Commencement of School Assembly 2013/2014 – Better Time Management, Better You

posted Oct 4, 2013, 8:30 PM by Web Admin   [ updated Oct 4, 2013, 8:31 PM ]

It was a morning of sobriety as all staff and students gathered in the Lut Sau Hall for the Commencement of School Assembly on 2 September 2013. As a school, the Commencement of School Assembly was symbolic of a new year of new opportunities; a year which all staff and students look forward to moving on and forward so as to scale new heights and achieve excellence. It is also a year which all at our school look forward to celebrating the string of illustrious accolades and awards achieved by our students and staff over the last 35 years.

Our Principal, Mrs. LO, marked the start of the assembly with a speech on the results of our students who sat for the second HKDSE examination in 2013. 200 of our students sat for the examination. The overall passing percentage was 97% with 57.8% attaining Level 4 or above. 79.5% of our students met the minimum entrance requirements for degree programmes (Level 3 or above in Chinese Language and English Language and Level 2 or above in Mathematics and Liberal Studies).

Scores of our students, with great endeavours in academic pursuit, are able to further their studies at the tertiary level. At least 105 places were offered to our students by the local institutions in the main round of JUPAS. In particular, the School takes pride in our students’ admission into the 3 local renowned universities of HKU, CUHK and HKUST. Amongst the outstanding students, special commendation was accorded to Yeung Ka Chun, who has been admitted to HKU for the pursuit of MBBS, Lo Tsz-ming, who has earned himself a place in CUHK, Pharmacy; and Man Ching, who has earned a place in the coveted Journalism and Communication programme in CUHK. The School also bears testimony to our students’ academic pursuit through multiple pathways, with many of graduates having enrolled for Associate Degree programmes and Higher Diploma courses.

In response to the commendable set of results, Mrs. LO said: “The students have worked hard, remained focused and were well-motivated. Their success must be shared with their families.” She added, “Our school has a strong culture of teacher care and support, with many teachers walking the extra mile for their students to ensure a strong foundation in academic studies, and ample yet meaningful other learning experiences.” With the latter as one of our school’s cornerstones, Mrs. LO encouraged all students to give a standing ovation to the teaching staff, as a mark of appreciation for their dedication to nurturing the young lives under their charge. We had certainly aimed higher, and reaped fruits of excellence in 2012-2013.

The Principal then shared with all the motto for 2013-2014 – Better Time Management, Better You – conceived in response to our school’s 35th Anniversary celebratory programmes, which include an Open Day, Fund-raising Activities, Banquet and a year-end Variety Show-cum-Musical; platforms for students to learn and have fun. With this rich array of celebratory activities, this new school year promises to be a fun-packed year for all; to which Mrs. LO encouraged all to practise better time management, so that we may all enjoy the fruits of our labour, and bask in our string of accolades.

To a better us in this new school year!





最後,羅校長在開學禮上總結,隨著三十五週年校慶活動如開放日、籌款、晚宴及綜藝晚會音樂劇的展開,本學年將會是繽紛姿彩的一年。但願同學以本年度學校格言「妥善管理時間,活出更好的你」為信念,善用分秒,在勤奮學習之餘,投入豐盛的校園生活。 祝願各人創造更美好的明天。

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