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posted Jan 29, 2014, 8:39 PM by Web Admin   [ updated Jan 29, 2014, 8:40 PM ]

The English Department celebrated Christmas with a festive spirit on 18th December at the school premises. Christmas is a festival of joy and giving; and a harbinger of peace and harmony in the world. Organised by the English Ambassadors of the school, there was no better way to celebrate than to engage students in activities that enabled them to better understand and appreciate the importance of the festival. The celebration started with students writing their Christmas greetings on tags which the English Ambassadors collated to form a big Christmas tree of greetings.

During lunch hour, the covered playground in the school was abuzz with excitement and learning fun, as a Christmas booth was set up to excite the students. Students’ linguistic skills were put to the test when they had to recite Christmas tongue twisters, poems and unravel Christmas-themed riddles and cryptogram puzzles. For every tongue twister or riddle or puzzle unraveled, students earned stamps in their English passports, and candies. Eager students surrounded the booth like bees congregating around their bee hives, whilst the English Ambassadors encouraged even more students to join in the fun. In no time, queues of students were formed that snaked all the way to the middle of the covered playground; all ready to rattle off tongue twisters and poems to the teachers at the booth.

It was certainly a merry way to learn the English Language, and the Christmas spirit of cheer and goodwill was prevalent throughout the activity. The students felt it was a fun way to culminate the week, before the Christmas vacation and the start of the First Term Examination.

本校英文科剛於十二月十八日舉行本年度聖誕節慶祝活動。聖誕節寓意「歡欣、寄予世界和平及和諧之祝福」。是次聖誕節慶祝活動由本校各英文科大使策劃、籌備及推行。目的是透過學生積極投入活動,令同學們更透徹了解節日的意義。慶祝活動首先以「願望祝福 - 聖誕樹」為主題,各同學於紙牌上先寫上聖誕祝福語,再由英文科大使整理並製成「祝福聖誕樹」。



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