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CLSMSS S6 Visual Arts Graduation Exhibition 2013 趙中視覺藝術科中六畢業展

posted Sep 23, 2013, 6:55 PM by Web Admin   [ updated Sep 23, 2013, 6:56 PM ]

The Visual Arts Graduation Exhibition 2012-2013 of S6 graduates was held from 6 June 2013 to 13 June 2013 at Yuen Long Theatre. Our Principal, Mrs. LO CHOY Yin-fon, Margaret, the Chairperson of the PTA, Mr. CHUNG Siu-fai, Jordon, the Assistant Principals, Mr. TO Kok-On and Mr. CHAN Yan-kei, the Committee Members of the PTA, parents and former students were invited to officiate at the Opening Ceremony.

The Exhibition was named “Unforgettable Graduation” because it was a great chance for the 45 graduates to display their creative art works to express their passion for art, happy school lives and the affection for their mother school. The exhibition was rich in content and artistic media with personal styles and unique characters and reflected the graduates’ creativity and innovative ideas. Being enthusiastic about Visual Arts, the graduates hoped to share the fruit of their learning with the public. The event was a good opportunity for them to enhance their standard in creative arts and also to gain valuable experiences in organising activities.


展覽以「忘『畢』了」為題,寓意同學對母校的眷戀,忘不了對視覺藝術創作的經歷和校園的快樂時光。 同學希望透過是次畢業展表達他們對藝術的熱誠,同時抒發對母校的不捨之情。是次展覽展出了四十五位畢業生的創作結晶,陣容鼎盛,內容和藝術媒介豐富,盡顯同學獨特的風格和創作才華,讓各界感受作品中蘊含的真實情感和豐富的想像力。本校希望藉此畢業展與公眾互相交流,從而提升同學的視覺藝術水平,並為藝術創作歷程留下珍貴的經驗。

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