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S1 Character Parade and S2 Fashion Show 中一英語故事閱讀角色巡遊及中二英語故事閱讀角色時裝表演 2012

posted Aug 19, 2012, 11:49 PM by Web Admin   [ updated Oct 9, 2012, 6:37 PM ]

It was a morning of creative expression for S1 and S2 students on 9 July 2012, as they put pen to paper, and ideas to fruition, for the S1 Character Parade and S2 Fashion Show. The Junior form came together to celebrate and affirm the creative efforts of their peers in designing the costumes of characters from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the designated S1 reader for the Refined English Enhancement Scheme.

The Refined English Enhancement Scheme (REES) is an initiative of the Education Bureau to promote an English friendly learning environment for all students through systematically planned curriculum to be implemented at different Junior forms. The Refined English Enhancement Scheme made its debut in our school in this school year (2011/2012), with S1 students being the pioneer group of students to experience the REES curriculum. The REES at CLSMSS seeks to challenge students to grow and build self-confidence as users of English Language. To achieve this objective, the REES team sought to provide a learning environment to inspire creativity and ensure opportunities are given to students to engage in the process of listening, speaking, reading and writing in English.

After thirty lessons on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the students were allowed the opportunity for self-expression in the Character Parade (S1) and Fashion Show (S2). S1 students came dressed as characters from the book, and wrote their own scripts for their performances on stage. Some gave their own renditions of the different characters through role-play, whilst others danced. The Character Parade was a showcase of the students’ creative talents and camaraderie.

S2 students designed the characters’ costumes from recycled materials, in a bid to promote environmental awareness; and took to the ‘catwalk’ on stage with style and poise. Bedecked in beautifully decorated trash bags, assorted headgear made of recycled cardboard, and foot wear made of used tissue paper boxes, the S2 Fashion Show was a delightful treat to all. The Character Parade and Fashion Show were a celebration of the students’ learning journey, and there wasn’t a better way to culminate the academic year than to have all students enjoy themselves whilst learning.


趙中英語故事閱讀計劃是由教育局贊助,目的是透過老師精心設計的閱讀課程,來提高學生對英語的興趣,營造濃厚的英語學習氣氛。經過一整年三十節的推廣活動,本校中一學生對英語運用的信心大大增強。是次表演是學生過去一年的學習總結,他們對所選的書目 ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’內的角色人物性格瞭如指掌,各班同學分別以角色扮演、歌唱和跳舞比賽等精采表演來展現他們的學習成果。

另外,中二同學也透過‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’一眾角色來表達他們對環保的重視。他們以各種循環再用的物料設計美輪美奐,切合人物性格特徵的新穎服裝,於禮堂的舞台上大放光芒,吸引無數觀眾的目光,並獲得熱烈的掌聲。


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