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CLSMSS Modern Chinese Painting Exhibition 2016 趙中現代國畫展

posted Jun 29, 2016, 5:36 AM by Web Admin   [ updated Jun 29, 2016, 5:37 AM ]

The Modern Chinese Painting Exhibition was successfully held from 5th to 10th May 2016 at Yuen Long Theatre. Mr KONG Yick-cheong, our Principal, Mr KWOK Siu-fai, Principal of Yuen Long Public Secondary School, Mr KWOK Kin-wa, Principal of Tin Shui Wai Government Secondary School, Ms. LAI Suet-ping and Ms.WU Lai-wan, Assistant Principals of N.T. Heung Yee Kuk Yuen Long District Secondary School, Mr. YAN Churk-tong, Chairperson of the PTA, Mrs. LO CHOY Yin-fon, former Principal, our Assistant Principals, Committee Members of the PTA and teachers officiated at the Opening Ceremony. The exhibition was sponsored by the Sun Hung Kai Properties Charitable Fund and the Parents’ and Teachers’ Association of our school. The title was "The Affections of CLSMSS by Ancient Colours ". The exhibition showed that the students of CLSMSS were enthusiastic to pass on the artistic and cultural connotations of our school to their younger counterparts. Students were inexperienced like a piece of blank paper. Yet, after the guidance and cultivation of the school and their teachers, they have developed the CLSMSS spirit and become stronger, versatile individuals.

It was an innovative and bold move for students to combine the modern painting methods with traditional Chinese painting skills in their art work. They expressed their thoughts through ink and water, splashing colours freely and fearlessly to show their feelings and love for their alma mater.

Visitors were attracted by over three hundred paintings created by S1 to S5 students. They were very impressed by our students’ creativity and talent in using modern techniques and styles to show the magnificent and unique style of Chinese Paintings. Students’ works were rich in content as the themes seelcted were taken from their daily life experiences, showing their endless creativity and imagination. This art exhibition was a learning platform for students to communicate and share their views with the public. Through the feedback and suggestions from the public, the standard of Visual Arts of our school could be enhanced.

趙中現代國畫展覽已於二零一六年五月五日至五月十日假元朗劇院舉行。出席開幕典禮剪綵儀式的包括本校江奕昌校長、元朗公立中學郭兆輝校長、天水圍官立中學郭建華校長、新界鄉議局元朗區中學副校長黎雪屏女士和胡麗蘊女士、本校前任校長羅蔡妍芳女士、家長教師會主席甄灼棠先生、梁懿馨副校長、王徽副校長、老師及家長教師會委員。是次展覽由新鴻基地產慈善基金有限公司及家長教師會聯合贊助,展覽以「古色今香. 一『墨』相承趙中情」為主題,寓意同學們把趙中三十多年的藝術及文化內涵承傳下去,如泉奔湧,生生不息。未經歷練的同學猶如紙般純淨潔白,經過學校和老師們的耐心栽培及悉心教導後,除了一脈相承趙中的文化和精神,更勇於破舊立新,在傳統中國畫中融入西方技法,以水墨描繪心中所想,並以重彩潑灑直抒胸臆,豪邁奔放地抒發對趙中濃厚的情懷。


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