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A Message from the Principal

Welcome back to school for the new school year 2017-18 after the summer vacation. I would like to extend a warm welcome to all S1 students. We are really excited to have you join our big family. We hope you can adapt to the new school life in CLSMSS as soon as possible.

It is really encouraging to see that our graduates in 2017 have got remarkable results in the HKDSE. It is particularly amazing that 66.7% of our graduates have been offered degree programmes through the JUPAS. And this is the highest rate compared with the past years. Congratulations to our graduates on their excellent achievements. Of course, credits should go to our teachers for their dedication and commitment in helping our students achieve such remarkable results.

As a student of CLSMSS, I believe that you are familiar with our school motto, that is, Wisdom, Virtue, Honesty and Progress. I would like to stress that they are not just words, but they represent our core values and code of behaviour. I do hope that you can anchor these values in your mind so that they become your own.

You may know that we also have a motto for each school year. The annual school motto for this school year is, ‘Care, Love and Self-esteem’. The first letters of the three words are CLS, which are the abbreviations of our school name. We hope that care and love would prevail in our school and every student would build up self-esteem and self-confidence. This echoes one of the school’s major concerns on inculcating in students core values for a positive and healthy lifestyle. And this also reminds you of what you will learn in school. The things students learn in school are Attitude, Skill and Knowledge, and they are represented by three letters, ASK. You can see attitude comes first as it means that a good and positive attitude is the most important thing students should develop in school. We hope that all students can have a caring and loving attitude as well as self-esteem.

In the beginning of the new school year, I advise you to set targets for yourselves and make good a plan for your studies in the new school year. We always say that ‘well begun is half done’. I hope you can have a good start in the new school year. Remember that you are the one who is in charge of your future, not your teachers or your parents. Seize the moment and try your very best. I look forward to seeing more achievements in our school in this school year.

Lastly, may I wish you all, students and teachers, a pleasurable and fruitful new school year and wish you all the best. Thank you very much!

KONG Yick-cheong
18th September 2017