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Financial support iFruit & Pie Delivery 2008s a cornerstone to the function of a band program. It provides both challenges as well as considerable opportunities for band members and their families. These funds pay for food, transportation, the purchase of band supplies, uniforms and instruments, maintenance of school-owned instruments and many other expenses. It also gives students and their families the opportunity to earn money to help pay for future trips and/or band camp.
The costs of buying new sheet music, drill for marching shows, uniform cleaning, transportation costs, new instruments, etc. can appear very daunting!
It takes a lot of money to fund a band program and with continuing budget cuts to the public school system, the Band Boosters make up the difference. We would rather fundraise than see cuts made to our band program. Therefore, we need everyone’s help and support!


An important and beneficial part of the total band experience is the opportunity to work together and earn the funds needed to support the band program. From this the student learns the necessity of making the money to support his/her activities, budget for the required payments, as well as to work together with other band members and parents. The team-building that goes on during these work experiences supports the close working group that makes up the Cros-Lex Band Program. 


The Band Boosters host a variety of fundraisers throughout the year; Scotch Doubles bowling, Fruit & Pie sales, gift certificates sales and more...there is something for everyone.


Most fundraisers are for 6th thru 12th grade. When it is time for a fundraiser; information will be handed out during your students band class. It is important that you remind your student to bring things home! If your student says they did not get the fundraiser information... most band handouts and fundraiser information are handed directly to each student by their band director or a Band Booster representative. Your students information may be buried in the bottom of a back pack or in their locker...


When possible; fundraiser handouts can be found in the "File Cabinet" section of this website. Extra copies can also be found in your students band room.


A portion of the profits from each fundraiser will be added to your child's student fundraising account. This is traditionally used to help families save money for the trip the band takes every 4 years. It may also be used to pay for high school band camp fees.


**Each band room has a Booster lock box mounted on the wall. All fundraisers should be totaled according to the instructions and deposited in the lock box by the due date in order for your child to get credit for their sales. All other corespondence meant for the Band Boosters can also be deposited in the Booster lock-box. Please seal in an envelope marked with your students name.