Parents are an important part of the Cros-Lex Band Program, and have a vital role to play. Without the assistance and cooperation of band parents, there would be no chance for the level of success we want the band to reach. The Band Boosters and band parents provide the necessary ‘behind the scenes’ work and support that keeps the Cros-Lex Band Program going and running smoothly.
This great organization requires a large team effort. Many hands make light work!
By definition, the role of a booster organization is to “boost” the program in a positive manner. The purpose of the Croswell-Lexington Band Boosters is to advance the best interests of the Croswell-Lexington Band Program. We organize volunteers for the many band events throughout the year and provide monetary support in the form of fundraising.
The Band Booster organization helps provide for the following:
  • Purchase and maintenance of uniforms
  • Purchase/repair of instruments/equipment
  • Purchase of music and supplies
  • Furnishing chaperones/volunteers for band events and Band Camp
  • Hosting band dinners before events/performances
  • Organization and implementation of fundraising activities
  • Parent communication and maintenance of website  
  • Organization and implementation of Band Camp
  • Stimulate and maintain an enthusiastic interest and support for all phases of the band program
  • Support and advocate for the band program in the school system and the community

Band Booster Contact Information: 

The mission statement of the Croswell-Lexington Band Boosters is to support the Croswell-Lexington band program.

We will offer financial support through fund-raising activities and provide adult volunteers to assist the

Croswell-Lexington band students and directors.