6th Grade Expectations

Welcome to Wonderland!

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Greetings and welcome! This year in Wonderland, Room 14, we will experience the excitement of growing and learning together while mastering 6th grade Common Core Standards.
This site is designed to support you and your parents during the school year. Please make note of teacher expectations, especially for school-wide behavior. Demonstrating self-respect at all times, as well as respect for your teacher/s, other adults on campus, and classmates is paramount. Expect to be challenged and encouraged to practice respect daily! This will prove to be a challenge for most of us. Disrespect in any form is never tolerated and will result in various consequences including conferencing with parent/s or guardian/s to discuss and remedy issues at hand.

Class attendance is a significant precursor of school success. You are expected to be at school on time daily. Of course, if you are ill, you will be at home until you are well enough to return. You will have the same number of days you are absent to complete missed classwork. You will receive significant points each day for being in school and participating actively in class discussions. Likewise, off-task behavior during teacher instruction and/or class discussion will result in loss of substantial points.

You are expected to complete 100% of all classwork. Be advised, sometimes the pace of the school day means you will be finishing classwork at home. Also, if you choose to participate in band, strings and/or choir you will have to complete classwork at home. Further, understand that if you fall below grade level in any subject, participation in band, strings, and/or choir, ceases until you are working at or above grade level. Since all assignments are posted here and in daily text alerts, there is no excuse for not completing classwork. However, emergencies do happen. In the event of an emergency, both you and your parent may discuss with me a reasonable modification of the assigned due date. Emergencies are defined by the teacher. Being too busy, participating in too many activities, or being out too late on a school night are not considered emergencies. The  homework I routinely assign is reading daily in an AR book in your level. 

You are responsible for providing your parent/guardian with significant written information throughout the school year. Most questions will be answered in class and on Nelson's webpage. Deadlines for parent signatures are clearly established, communicated, and inflexible. You will not be allowed to phone home the day of an event to get a permission slip signed. Failure to return progress reports/permission slips by deadline results in detention each day until returned.

The New York Giant highlights on this page tell a story. They are not the result of luck, good fortune, or talent alone. They are the consequence of hours of painstaking practice, drill, effort, and tireless repetition. That kind of effort, in or out of the classroom guarantees a good result!
The "Essential 55" by Ron Clark is an excellent starting point for understanding what will be expected of you this year. Read, absorb, and become familiar with the entire inventory. It illustrates what self-respect, respect for learning, and respect for others looks like. We will strive every day to build a respect based culture in Room 14. See the full list here.

 Parent expectations and survey for Mr. Spencer

My expectations for myself include doing what is necessary to encourage you toward success in school and in life. If that means taking a pie in the face, yes, I'll do it to support Team 14!

Where are you Giants from?