Welcome To Room 9 With Mr. Blaufuss

October 22, 2018

Class News: 
    The first quarter has ended.  All students have been shown their grades.  I am very proud of the effort the class has put forth.  This week will be conferences.  Reminders were sent out last week.  Let me know if you cannot make your time.   This week is Red Ribbon Week.  Events are: Tuesday wear clothes backwards to turn your back on drugs, Wednesday is to wear  nerdy attire to be smart and not start taking drugs, Thursday is wear pajamas to dream big and not do drugs.  
 Room 21 is having a drive to help  the homeless by having people bring in new blankets and socks.  Donations would be appreciated.  No spelling this week.  

Monday:  "Quiet, A Fish May Listening" , look through line-a-day.

Tuesday:  Math pp. 209-210
, look through line-a-day.

Wednesday:   Math pp. 215-16, look through line-a-day.

Thursday:  None

Friday:   None

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You can access the math book by going to www.tinyurl.com/cusdconnected