Welcome To Room 9 With Mr. Blaufuss

October 16, 2017

Class News:
     I hope everyone had a restful weekend.  Just about everyone has turned in their Monterey Bay Aquarium paperwork and fees.  Please get those in this week if you have not done so.  Last week I sent home some conference reminders for next week.  They were on a blue sheet of paper.  It is important I get those back as well so I can make sure the conference schedule is set.  This week is Character Counts week.  We are encouraging students to wear orange on Tuesday to show fairness, purple on Wednesday for citizenship, yellow on Thursday for respect, and green on Friday for responsibility.  Tests will take a little longer to come back this week as I am having some students go back to redo some mistakes on their math and reading test.  Students are picking up the skills being taught, but many are making simple mistakes that they can go back and fix.  I will remind the class this week to slow down on their work to insure that they get the best score the first time.  
   In reading this week we are still studying character and events using the story King Midas.  I will review last week's reading test as their was some confusion about nonliteral language.  I think students will do better once they understand what this is.  In math we are going to move on to multiplication.  Last week we finished a biomes unit on the desert.  This week we will be studying the forest biome.  In grammar we are working on adjectives.  Students will be finishing their fables this week.  Lets have a great week!

Monday:   Study spelling list 5, adjective worksheet

Tuesday:   Study spelling list 5, Scholastic News

Wednesday:  Study spelling list 5, math pp. 203-204 multiplication

Thursday:   Study spelling list 5  and look over line-a-days.


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