Welcome To Room 9 With Mr. Blaufuss

March 18, 2019

Class News: 
    The class did an excellent job with PE testing.  We are now officially done with testing.   We took a practice math test on the computer that is very similar to the state test.  Students gained some critical computer skills taking this test.  This week I am changing up homework.  Instead of having a different assignment each night students will be working on a poem.  They will need to memorize this poem by Friday.  They will be presenting in front of the class so they need to have the poem down.  
    We are still reading about communities in Benchmark.  Summarizing has been a big part of what we have been doing with our reading.  One of the stories came from the book Sarah Plain and Tall so we are going to go ahead and add that book to our reading this week.    In math we are done with fractions and are moving ahead with measurement.  Light is the concept that we will be examining in science.  In social studies we will are still working on early California.  

Monday:  practice poem

Tuesday:  practice poem

Wednesday:  practice poem

Thursday:  practice poem

Friday:   present poem

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