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 Grade 2- Room 5

Yog koj xav tau kev pab, thov hu tuaj rau peb lub tsev kawm ntawv ntawm (559) 327-8100.  Ua tsaug.

Si usted necesita ayuda con esta forma, por favor llame al 327-8100


Curriculum to expand our Mind, Body & Spirit!

We use the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) to align our instruction.
Provided below is a "kid & family-friendly" checklist of the skills that we
will targeting this school year (see attachments).

Content will be introduced, modeled, practiced and assessed in class.
Students will practice these skills with their homework, as well.

English Language Arts (ELA) includes:
*Reading Comprehension
*Literary Response & Analysis (fiction and non-fiction)
*Writing Strategies
*Writing Applications
*Word Analysis, Fluency & Vocabulary
*Integrated Science and Social Studies

Reading Comprehension:
Students are expected to be at a level 28 DRA (Degrees of Reading Assessment) level going into gr. 3! I will keep you informed of your child's levels and progress. They will be TRACKING their progress, too!

Math - There are five strands:
*Number Sense
*Measurement (including time and money)
*Data & Statistics

To help with Math FLUENCY and solving operations, we use MATH FACTS to practice. 
I ENCOURAGE you to download what is provided to help at home. without using fingers or paper.
*Semester 1 Goal: complete one addition (100+) with few or no errors 
*Semester 2 Goal  subtraction (100-) with few or no errors 

*Science, Social Studies, and Physical Education (PE) are core content standards.

Dance like you have Ants in your Pants...!

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