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** At this time there are no openings in our ASES program. Openings occur when a student moves away or is removed from program. Parents may ask their child's teacher to refer the student to the program. When openings occur, we first contact the teacher for a recommendation, check with Tarpey administration for attendance and behavior records before contacting parents to attend a meeting. 

The Tarpey ASES program is a grant funded program offered for students in grades 2-6 every day from the end of the school day to 6:00 PM to provide students with academic intervention, enrichment, recreational activities, and homework assistance. Our focus population is foster/homeless youths, designated ELD, and low socioeconomic students. When dismissed from their classes, ASES students report to the cafeteria to sign in and receive their snack. Students that are in sports or other co-curricular activities then leave, while the other students go to their assigned rooms to begin the first program component, organized recreational activities. The other program components, academic intervention and homework tutoring follow. This is when the students in co-curricular activities re-join the program. Enrichment activities are held on Wednesdays, our early release day. This year we have learned more about the environment and culture of California 

As stated at each of the parent informational meetings, we operate on a three (3) strike system: unexcused absences, late parent pick-up, and behavior referrals will result in student removal from the Tarpey ASES program. In addition, students who are signed out early excessively may lose their spot in the program.