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Rookie All Stars 2017 Central Valley Regional
Stable Circuits first team photo 9/14/16

   Stable Circuits Robotics is a high school robotics team on the campus of the Clovis North High School in Fresno, California. Stable Circuits is a rookie team that will compete in regional FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition for Science and Technology) Robotics Competitions with hopes of making it to the national championships in Houston, TX. The culture of this team believes in the spirit of “cooperatition”, helping other teams to better the robotics world overall. To that end, Stable Circuits is hosting a Professional Development series to teach any robotics kids from local area teams to come and learn programming, machining parts and SolidWorks CAD. Additionally, the team is working to support the interest of younger students by hosting FLL (FIRST Lego League) qualifying tournaments and mentoring students at the elementary level.  


   Simply put, teach kids to solve problems. From how to machine a part, to how to get along with others, this team is built on the premise that “together we are better” and works towards solving problems both in and out of the classroom. Industries change, technology changes, society evolves and learning how to solve problems that arise is an invaluable asset. This team is not just about building a robot, it’s about making the world a better place through problem solution.


   The impact Stable Circuits has on the community and younger students is just beginning. We have already partnered with Central Valley Robotics (CVR) We are hosting a FLL Regional qualifying tournament in December, we are partnering with Buchanan High School in the “Curie Carnival” to connect with elementary teams that need mentoring, and with our own middle school to create and mentor three VEX teams to compete in regional competitions. We have partnered with the Engineering Department at Fresno State and many local engineering businesses to support our students with mentors and experience with internships to better their knowledge base to increase experience in the STEM fields.