Welcome to Mrs. Rudolph's 8th Grade AB and 8th Grade AVID classes.  I am very excited about our journey together and getting to know everyone of you.  As we move through the year, students and parents will find assignments/ handouts on Google Classroom and my assignment due dates will be on my calendar, both of which you can find located on the above links. 
    The curriculum we will be focusing on this year is English Language Arts and United States History.  In AVID, we will be focusing on AVID reading and writing standards along with tutorials and organizational tools to help every child be successful in their academic classes at ASI. 

Be sure to check homework assignments daily in class and online!
  • Bring your planner with you EVERY DAY 
  • Bring your laptop every single day (with power cord).
  • If you are absent any day this week, check the calendar and download assignments as needed.
  • Pencils? Red and blue pens?
  • Is your binder organized for the upcoming week?




 Ways to Reach Mrs. Rudolph:

E-mail address: stacyrudolph@cusd.com

School Phone at ASI: (559) 327-3500

Room 306