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Honors Chem - Things you NEED!

Honors Chemistry is a college prep course, and as such can be one of the more difficult science courses high school students take.  
Successful students are organized and come prepared to work.

You need to arm yourself with equipment & supplies that will help ensure your success.  The following items should be considered not only basic, but essential to this class.  How you use them, contributes to your success.


Scientific Calculator
- YOU NEED ONE~This is a MUST - You won't survive without one
Chemistry is math-driven, and you need a scientific calculator you can depend on and know how to operate.  I will not have any available in class.  Again, I emphasize a SCIENTIFIC calculator: a standard calculator will NOT be sufficient.
    • Cell phones will not be allowed for calculations.  Any scientific calculator will do - it does NOT need to be a graphing calculator - and you can get a decent one for under $20 that will last!  Here are some examples:
    • Get a TI-30X Scientific Calculator Here on Amazon  It's under $20
NEW***... I'm told that Walmart has that same calculator for about $9

Bottom line with the calculator - YOU need to be comfortable working with scientific notation and square roots and other basic algebra functions with whichever SCIENTIFIC calculator you choose.

Composition Notebook - This too, is non-negotiable!  
This will be used for ALL LABS & investigations done in class
Very specific protocol will be followed using these notebooks. This will not be an interactive notebook like you may have done in previous classes with colors and pictures and such... serious data collection and analyzing results will take place from within - get one you like. 
Spiral notebooks may NOT be used for this.  Only a COMPOSITION book like this:  
Any color is fine - it can even be more of a designer-type, but it must be a BOUND COMPOSITION NOTEBOOK that is designated ONLY FOR this class. It cannot have a dual purpose. (used in another class). 

3 Ring Binder - This is a good idea for success!
You will be taking notes in class and getting handouts.  You'll need something that will allow you to organize this work.  
If you are using one for all of your classes, you'll just need a TAB for Chemistry.  
Be sure to also include an ample supply of:
  • Lined paper
  • graph paper.

Writing utensils - Yep!... You'll have to write, and you'll want things you like to write with!
  • Mechanical pencils with erasers & extra lead/graphite
  • blue or black pens
  • colored pencils
  • highlighters
  • fine point NON-BLEED markers (optional - but are great for adding to notes and graphs)