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Honors 8 Science
Are you Ready for a CHALLENGE this year?
Science is a VERB!
Room 132

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Did you See it?
Check out the pictures Mr. Barrie took from our backyard early Wednesday Morning - Amazing!
Full Moon - before it begins
Full Moon - before it begins

On it's way - 
Yep... That dark part covering the moon is the Earth's Shadow!

1/2 way there.

A bit more left.  

Now just a sliver of reflected sunlight left!

You can really see the "Blood Red" Glow beginning here 
- barely any reflected sunlight left!

Full Blown - Total Lunar Eclipse at the start... 

Weren't able to get the back end
...too low on the horizon from our vantage point.

Click on the link for more information:

Image result for lunar eclipse clear background

Check out the 

Hope you Saw it!
and Information to Explore on www.SPACE.com

Visible Sunday December 3  
Monday Morning, December 4

August Event...

The 2
Great American Solar Eclipse! 
Witnessed in some form 
in all 50 states!
 (if you weren't in line for the TOTAL, you got a PARTIAL)

Fresno witnessed approximately 72% coverage.  

Coverage varied across all 50 states.

YouTube Video

Click on the Map for a closer view!