Class News:

Reading: A.R. deadline for the 2nd quarter is this Friday, 1/18.

2nd quarter ends this Friday, 1/18.

Week of 1/14-1/18:

Math: 8-4, Equivalent Fractions pp. 505-508 (1-19) completed together in class; students should now be ready to complete both MY Home works from HWP 17.

Social Studies: California counties and Indian tribes map is due Wednesday, 1/16.


Rdg.: We completed Charlie and the Chocolate Factory today. I met with each student in class and went over his/her grades at this point. I advised some students that are in good shape with AR for this quarter, to take the AR test for 
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory next week (quarter).

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory plot charts are due Friday, 1/18.

Math: Started 8-5, Simplest Form, pp. 511-513 (1-22) in class.

Tests to be given: Spelling #17, Daily Math & Language Week 18.

HWP 17 is due.