Welcome to the official French site for Clovis North Educational Center.

This site contains information on homework, notes, and extra study tools for you to use as you learn this new language. On the left side of the screen you will see separate sections for French I, II, III, and 4/AP. Here is what each page contains:

Assignments - This contains a calendar that contains dates for quizzes and tests, as well as important due-dates. Below the calendar are links to assignments and study guides that your teacher has chosen to make available.

Other Files - This page contains links to interesting websites or things I have created. It also contains links to your class syllabus.

Unit Notes - This page contains all of the notes that you need for the year.
**Mlle. Phillips' students: Mlle. Phillips will provide these ahead of time for those who miss class. Hard copies will be provided in class on the first day of each unit. Your notes and vocabulary are fill-in, which means some of the information is provided by Mlle. Phillips or the textbook. These notes will not include this information. If you are absent, it is up to you to get this information from a friend, your textbook, or attend French lab.
**Mme. Havens' students: You will be expected to copy down these notes in-class. Mme. Havens will not necessarily provide notes for this website. Do not rely on this website to provide you notes ahead of time. Do not print out Mlle. Phillips' notes ahead of time, they are different and much, much longer.

Important Links:

French Lab Hours

posted Aug 19, 2015, 10:30 AM by Lindsey Phillips   [ updated Sep 14, 2015, 6:08 PM ]

The following hours are when Mme. Havens and Mlle. Phillips will be available for French lab. If you cannot make these times, you may email or speak with us to arrange a different time:

Monday: After School, room 281
Tuesday: After School, room 281
Wednesday: Lunch, room 280; After School, room 281
Thursday: After School, room 281
Friday: Lunch, room 280; After School, room 281


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This year I am using a website called Remind that allows me to send text messages with important info to students and parents who want them. I might notify you of progress reports, when books and projects are due, or any changes to homework. This program is 100% free and completely private - I won't know your cell phone number, and you won't know mine.

If you would like to participate and receive important messages concerning your French class, follow the instructions below:
Mme. Havens' Classes:
French 2: Text @22293 to 81010
French 3: Text @6427a0 to 81010
French 4/AP: Text @ap42 to 81010

Mlle. Phillips' Classes:
French 1: Text @phillipsf1 to 81010
French 2: Text @phillipsf2 to 81010

French Club Remind:
Text @5c0f4 to 81010

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