Note from Mr. Mushegan for March

A busy, yet fun time of year is fast approaching. Spring break starts Saturday, March 24 and goes to Monday, April 2 (school starts on Tuesday, April 3). 

Important Note! One "sickness" that your child can catch this time of year is "Spring Fever". Typical signs of this epidemic are grades dropping due to lack of concentration, increase in P.R. points earned due to poor behavior choices, planner not completely filled out and so on. Please help your child by encouraging him or her not to catch this "grade dropping" bug.

If you should have any questions, please give me a call or you can contact me at .


Mark Mushegan


What We Are Studying This Month


Benchmark Series – Theme

Benchmark Series – Developing a Nation


Skills: Main idea and details, compare and contrast, and author's purpose
2nd Semester Writing Genre - Narrative
Chapter 14 - "Geometry"

Chapter 11 - "Customary Measurement”

Chapter 12 - "Metric Measurement”
Social Studies
Week 25 – "The Effects of the Gold Rush"

Week 26 – "Compromise of 1850"

Week 27 - "Statehood for California

Mystery Science - Physical Science: Energizing Everything

Mystery Science – Life Science: Human Machine

March 2018

March 6 – Ansel Adams’ Field Trip

March 15 – 3rd Quarter Book Projects are due

March 22 – Open House

March 24– April 2 – Spring Break