Home to AB and AVID

Welcome to 7th grade AB and 8th grade AVID.  
Welcome to a great 2016-2017 year at Granite Ridge Intermediate as we celebrate our 10th anniversary of the CNEC theme:
A Decade of Excellence!

A Decade of Excellence!  —Honoring Our Past – Inspiring the Future. 

1.  COMPUTERS:  Bring a fully charged laptop to class daily along  
     with the charger/power cord.  We have extension cords to help
     just in case, but it is your responsibility to make sure your laptop
     is fully charged when you come to class.
2.  MEMORY KEY:  Students should have a memory key (4 or 8 GB
     to save their work.  Although most work will be stored in the 
     "cloud" via Google Docs, we recommend that students also have
     a flash drive just in case.
3.  CLASS CALENDAR:  Use the "calendar" link in the menu in the
     upper in the upper left corner of this page to check classwork,
     homework, and announcements.  This calendar will show all
     classwork & homework for the entire year, so it is a great 
     resource when you are absent!
4.  PLANNERS:  Students will receive a school planner during the
     first week of school.  All students are required to complete their
     planner in class daily, and planners are graded frequently in my
     class.  Parents & students should use this resource to confirm
     assignments and due dates.  Additionally, parents are asked to
     sign the planner once a week.
5.  HOMEWORK & CLASSWORK:  All assignments are due on time.
     The late work policy at CNEC states that any assignment turned 
      in after the due date can receive a maximum of only 50% 
      credit.  Unfortunately, this is where some students run into 
      trouble with their grades, so we encourage parents to help 
      students understand the importance of completing and turning 
      in their work on time.
Please check grades on ZANGLE
frequently & turn in all late or missing
assignments immediately!