Welcome to 2nd Grade with Ms. Kurtis!
2018-2019 school year

These are supplies we are ALWAYS in need of:

Recommended individual student supplies:  


  • Dry erase markers                                      

  • A small pencil box

  • Crayons  

  • Cololored pencils or markers (Please NO Mr. Sketch)

  • Small scissors

  • Glue sticks

We also have needs for “community”

(supplies which are utilized by all students).

Community supplies:

  • tissues

  • paper towels

  • sanitizing wipes

  • white board markers

  • fun band-aids

  • glue sticks

Thank you families for all that you do! 

Accelerated Reader
(Check out your child's A.R. points!)
Your child needs about 7.5 points a quarter, with 80% accuracy on quizzes to be on track for Sparthenian Reader
First quarter awards- 15 points/ 80% accuracy.

(Check out your child's current grades!)

(What's for lunch?)

Math Cat- Pass three, 100 question sheets for addition and three, 100 question sheets for subtraction, in six minutes.

Super Math Cat- 
Pass three, 100 question sheets of mixed (+, -),  and three, 100 question sheets for multiplication, in six minutes.