Welcome to 2nd Grade!!
August 2016

Welcome to 2nd grade! We know that you are going to have an exciting summer and hope that you will enjoy every moment. The 2nd grade teachers at Valley Oak are looking forward to having you in class next year.

Because our supply budget will not support all of the activities we have planned for this year, we are seeking the voluntary donation of supplies which your child can utilize throughout the year.

Recommended individual student supplies:  

  • 5-10 pencils and  2 large erasers

  • 2 or 4-pack of dry erase markers                                      

  • small pencil box

  • 24 count box of crayons  

  • 12 count colored pencils or markers (Please NO Mr. Sketch)

  • Small pair of scissors

  • 4 glue sticks

  • 2 composition books (No Spirals please)

  • Highlighter marker

We also have needs for “community” supplies which are utilized by all of our students and we would greatly appreciate your voluntary donations.

Community supplies:

  • tissues

  • paper towels

  • sanitizing wipes

  • white board markers

  • fun band-aids

  • glue sticks

Should you prefer to make a monetary donation, you can make a donation to the Valley Oak parent club designating your gift be used for 2nd grade classroom supplies.

Please allow us to thank you in advance for your support. Your donations allow us to provide your child with additional experiences which will enhance their education. Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Respectfully yours,

The 2nd Grade Team

Mrs. Melillo, Mrs. McGough, and Ms.Kurtis