Class Calendar

The class calendar lists the daily agendas, smart starts, and assignments that are posted in my google classroom. To get into my google classroom, students must be logged in to their STUDENT Gmail account- their personal gmails will not work. Parents can use the class calendar to see all assignments posted in my google classroom that students can access using their school issued Gmail accounts. Absent students should check my google classroom for what they have missed before they come back to school, then set up a time to meet with me outside of class so I can catch them up. Depending on how many days that were missed, this could take several breaks, lunch labs, and after-school science labs (Wednesdays only).

  • Please see the "Resources" tab above for links to helpful resources such as Khan Academy and my youtube video playlists.
  • All documents/slideshows/review games are available in my google classroom.

Odd # periods: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

Even # periods: Monday, Wednesday, Friday