Class News

Academic Block

     I want to welcome all of you to the Room 115 Community of learners!  It has been an exciting week of getting to know one another!  What an awesome group of students.  They have all been very kind, polite, and energetic!  We have been working on learning what the expectations are in Academic Block, our classroom, and with each other.  I look forward to meeting all my students parents at back-to-school night on September 8th!  If you have any questions before that time, please feel free to e-mail me at!  In the mean time, I am going to place a recommended supply list on the website so your child can begin to gather the supplies!  The supply list is:
  • all textbooks/supplementary literature/materials that are required for class
  • supply of #2 pencils(Students will need some regular pencils (not mechanical pencils) to complete tests.
  • highlighters (4 different colors)
  • Set of 5 Tab dividers
  • 3-ring binder (preferably 2 to 2 1/2 inch, at the least)  with a section for each class.  This binder will be used for all of your child's classes.
  • 2 spiral bound notebooks
  • Zippered, plastic compartment to keep in binder to hold pencils, etc.
  • 3 hole punch--small/flat one that is stored in the binder
  • white eraser
  • large supply of straight-edged, white, college-ruled binder paper (not from a spiral notebook)
  • Supply of LARGE book covers
  • independent reading novel
  • Ear buds for computer
  • Memory key for computer

 ELD Period 1

The students and I have already been working hard to learn new adjectives to complete our Bio-Poem!  A Big thank you to our TA for all the help she has been in helping us complete this assignment!    By the end of the week we will complete pre-assessments that will inform the instruction for this class.  Students will take reading and vocabulary comprehension tests and a phonics tests.  We will be working very hard on language acquisition and we will be applying it to our speaking and writing.  


ELD Period 3 and 4

Just like the students in 1st period the students in 3rd andBoo 4th periods have been working on a Bio-Poem.  The majority of the students in these classes have been able to work on this project independently and cooperatively in class.  They have edited each others work and given suggestions to improve their partners writing.  As the week draws to a close, most of the students will have finished the pre-assessments for reading comprehension and vocabulary.  

Summer Adventure

During the month of July several of our ELD students participated in one or both of the learning experiences we had outside of our classroom.  The first was a visit to the zoo!  We were able to watch the bird show, feed the giraffes, and view and discuss many of the sights and animals the zoo had to offer.  The second day we spent a couple hours at Woodward Park.  We started out by feeding the scary geese!  Then we took some time and planned a game.  The students had to utilize all of the following and create a game: squirt guns, water balloons, a frisbee, and bubbles.  First they drew out their plan on a white board; then they wrote down the plan and the rules to their game.  We had a lot of WET fun!  It felt good because it was one of the hot humid days we had this summer!