Welcome to Room 804!

It's already October!
        The school year is in full swing! We are diligently working on being better readers, writers, and problem solvers!                                         
                                                                                                                                    - Mrs. Simpson   
Important Information
  • Cookie Dough Money is due October 19th.
  • Red Ribbon Week is coming up, the week of October 26th.
  • Parent Conferences will be held during the week of October 26th. Please make sure to sign up for a time slot to discuss your child's growth so far.
  • REMIND: click here and follow the directions to get important reminders about what is going on in First Grade.
Weekly Spelling Focus
***Please practice spelling words each night.***
They will be tested on Friday.

Short a (-at & -an)
1. bike                           7. lake
2. cube                         8. like
3. five                          9. name
4. here                         10. nine
5. hope                        11. nose
6. joke                        12. rose

Weekly Sight Words
***Please review sightwords each night.*** 
They will be tested the following Monday.

List 1
all                 I
an                go
my                no
be               at
sat              yes
Math Focus
We are working on addition with numbers to 20, finding the missing addend, and problem solving.