• Room 17 – 3rd Grade Newsletter

      Week of Sept. 18th-22nd


      Weekly Overview:                   

      Reading & social Studies

               Unit 1 Government for the people

    analyze graphic features, identifying key details                                     & Main Ideas 

    Children with an apple Royalty Free Stock Photography

    math: Chapter 2- Addition test on Monday

           Chapter 3-lesson 1 - subtract Mentally            

                              Lesson 2 - estimate differences

                              Lesson 3 - estimate or exact answer

                              Lesson 4 - subtract with regrouping                                       


    Language Arts: opinion writing


    Spelling words–long vowel- o

    1. arrows                            5. obeyed

    2. broken                            6. told

    3. contribution                 7. united

    4. new                                  8. used


    Science:  Science study-Physical Science                                                                         building a universe                              

    Children and books Stock Photos                                                                                                 

    Physical Education: Cross age tutors                                                                                                                    Begin this week-Mon./tues./thurs./fri