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                    WELCOME TO MRS. LOWDER'S
8th Grade Academic Block 
Literature in Film Studies (see below)
                                        October 26, 2018
                                        No School Monday 29th - Staff Dev. Day

STANDARD FOCUS -In the Time of War

                  1)  Literature Unit:   Boy in the Striped Pajamas
                                           Movie this Friday - make sure your permission slip is turned in

                       2) Weekly Spelling/Word Wise Lesson  #8 - 30 WORD REVIEW 
                         **Study list and/or Word Wise Activity  Pretest - Wed./Final - Friday 
                                            (full spelling lists on tab)
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PIXAR SHORTS: (copy and paste or click link)


STANDARD FOCUS: Revolutionary War
            1) History Notes - Chapter 6:  if you are absent, get notes from a friend

**Please see Mrs. Lowder and the YELLOW make-up folder for missing work  

 (Literature Through)   FILM STUDIES            


 CURRENTLY VIEWING Percy Jackson - Sea of Monsters    

         LITERARY GENRE:  Fiction/Mythology

      Just Finished:  Percy Jackson  - Lightening Thief                      

 - L

If you missed part/all of the movie....log on to IMDB.com and read about Plot, characters, synopsis, etc.  No links to movies - just information.