Math 1 Syllabus

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Math 1 Syllabus


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Welcome to the new 2017-2018 school year. I believe that the education process is a combined effort between school, student and home.  If at any time you see your child struggling please contact me.   My web page and the math department’s web page can be accessed through Buchanan High School’s website.  The best way to stay in contact is through e-mail.

 Textbook:  Math I Common Core , Pearson Integrated High School     

     Semester 1

  • Unit 0 – Function Families
  • Unit 1 – Solving Equations and Inequalities
  • Unit 2 – Introductions to Functions         
  • Unit 3 – Linear Functions 
  • Unit 4 – Systems of Equations & Inequalities

    Semester 2

  • Unit 5 – Exponents & Exponential Functions
  • Unit 6 – Data Analysis
  • Unit 7 – Tools of Geometry
  • Unit 8 – Transformations & Constructions
  • Unit 9 – Connecting Algebra & Geometry
  • Unit 10 – Reasoning & Proofs
  • Unit 11 – Proving Theorems about Lines & Angles


Suggested Supplies:

  • Pencils (mechanical preferred), extra lead
  • Erasers         
  • Highlighters to use for notes
  • Red Ballpoint pen for correcting work (NOT felt tip pen or sharpie, bleeds through paper)
  • Pens with different colors for annotation
  • Binder paper for homework (college rule preferred). We prefer that you not use paper from a spiral notebook!
  • 3 ring binder with paper for note taking or Composition book
  • Calculator (TI-30X or Casio FX-115ES Plus preferred) (Students will benefit from if they practice on and use their own calculator on quizzes and tests.)
  • Ruler


It is imperative that students attend class regularly.  During block days test reviews and quizzes are given so please schedule appointments accordingly.



It is imperative that you practice and make it a habit to show all your work completely. 



Homework is assigned each class period and is due at the beginning of the following class period.  Late assignments may be accepted, but is not encouraged, for a maximum of 70% credit and will not be accepted after the day of each unit test. Detention will be assigned if a student is missing more than 2 homework assignments.


Quizzes will be given each unit to give feedback to students regarding the standards that will be on the test and the student's level of mastery for each standard.



A test will be given after every unit, with a cumulative semester final given in both the Fall and Spring Semesters. If a student misses a test due to an absence they will be required to make up the test the following class period or schedule a time outside of class to take the test within one week of the original test date.



Students must complete all homework assignments in a given unit in order to be allowed to retake the test for that unit. Retakes are only allowed if the original score for the test is below 70%.  Whatever score the student earns on the retake test will replace the original test score whether it is higher or lower.  All test retakes must be completed prior to the next Unit Test.  Retakes will not be available for Semester Finals. 



  • 70% of the grade comes from Assessments, 30% from Homework/Classwork/Projects.
  • Grades are posted in the classroom by ID number and are available online through parent connect.  

 Grading Policy:

        Categories:                                             Grading Scale:        90-100%              A                               Homework/Classwork/Quizzes/Notes/Projects    30%                 80-89.9%             B

        Quizzes/Tests/Final                                          70%                 70-79.9%             C

                                                                                                     60-69.9%             D

                                                                                                                                59.9% and below       F

Grades are posted in the classroom by ID number weekly and are available online through Parent Connect or Student Connect.


All work (homework, classwork, quizzes, assessments,…) is expected to be done by the student.  My expectation is that you will do your own work and will neither give nor receive unauthorized assistance on any and all work for this class.  Failure to do so is considered cheating.  (Refer to the Parent/Student Handbook pg. 49) 


Each student will be provided with one consumable textbook per semester (Volume 1 in the Fall and Volume 2 in the Spring).  Students will be required to bring their book with them to class each day unless otherwise stated.  Failure to bring the textbook to class when it is being used can result in assigned detention.  The teacher will assume the textbook is lost upon failure to bring the textbook for three consecutive class periods and the student will be fined for the textbook.  A replacement textbook may be provided while supplies last.



Electronic devices (i.e. iPods, cameras and cellular phones) are wonderful tools, but sometimes they may be considered to be disruptive to the educational process. Electronic devices should ONLY be used for academic activities as directed by the teacher. Hiding behind a laptop, answering e-mail, playing games, surfing the web, etc. will not be tolerated. Parents should not expect their students to read/send text messages or receive calls during class time. Electronic devices are to be turned off and put away (not visible) during class time, unless permission is given by the teacher.  Visibility of unauthorized electronic devices will result in confiscation of the device and assigned detention.  Upon continued offenses, a parent/guardian will be required to retrieve the electronic device from Student Services.  (Refer to the Parent/Student Handbook pgs. 52-53 Ed. Code 51512)


  • Math 1 is an experience-based curriculum; therefore class attendance and participation is very important for your success.
  • All work is in PENCIL, unless instructed otherwise.
  • Students need to show all work on all assignments.
  • Work is completed on time.
  • All work must have a proper header.  Your name, the date, the period and the assignment title must be written on every assignment.
  • Bring you binder every day to class.
  • Bring your textbook to class each day.
  • Seek immediate assistance if you are struggling with a concept.



  • If you are absent, find out what you missed from a classmate or teacher’s website.
  • For an excused absence, you have ONE day for each day you are absent from my class to turn in your work.  For example, if you are absent on Tuesday you must turn in Monday’s homework when you return on Thursday.  You will need to turn in Tuesday’s and Thursday’s homework the following MondayOtherwise, it will be considered late.
  • Copy the notes you missed from a friend or from teacher’s website..
  • If you miss an assessment (quiz or test), you are required to make it up the following class period or schedule a time outside of class to take the test within one week of the original test date.


Although every effort has been made to be complete and accurate, unforeseen circumstances arising during the semester could require the adjustment of any material given here. Therefore, teachers reserve the right to change any information on this syllabus, when unforeseen circumstances occur. These changes will be announced as early as possible so that students can adjust accordingly.