Mrs. Ferd's Home Page

Welcome back to school and t
hank you for visiting my website. ! Hope you had a restful and enjoyable summer and are ready for some English fun!  Please save this site as a favorite for easy access throughout the school year.   Use this site to keep up with homework assignments, class announcements, class calendar and upcoming events.  You should ALWAYS access this site when you are absent!

HOW TO USE MY WEBSITE:  First, click on the calendar tab on the left side of this page.  Scroll to your class calendar (note that the Honors 9 calendar is BELOW the regular English 9 calendar).  When you find the date you are looking for, click on that box and it will tell you exactly what we did that day and/or what is due.  That calendar is usually created a week or two ahead and then updated as necessary.  Once you have seen the assignments done that day, you will need to come back to this home page and click on the English 9 OR the Honors 9 tab to search for the assignment listed on the calendar.