Middle School Sound-Off! (previously "Real Men Sing")

This Thursday, Sept. 13, 2018!

Boys should wear their own t-shirts, long jeans, and dress-code shoes to school.  They can change into their royal blue choir shirts when they get here.  They will need to bring their own money for lunch at In and Out Burger OR their own sack lunch.  They boys will miss all of first period and half of period 7.  








Mrs. Gail Barbour has been the director of the ASI choir program since 1997.  ASI has four (4) choirs, including Chamber Choir, Concert Choir, Tenor/Bass Chorale, and the Soprano/Alto Chorale.  All ASI choirs have earned a solid reputation for creating quality music and enjoyable concert experiences.   
Please find the "ASI Concert Schedule" link found on this website's toolbar (to the left).  Each student's grade includes his/her commitment and follow-through to attend and participate in each of these performances.  Therefore, it is very important that these dates be posted on your family's calendar.  Please remember to regularly check the concert schedule for additions and revisions as the school year goes on.