Festival Concert TONIGHT, March 5, 2018, at Clovis North's concert hall!

Concert Choir and Soprano/Alto Chorale need to meet on stage at 5:00 pm.  Tenor/Bass and Chamber Choir need to arrive and sit in the front two rows of audience seats by 5:20 pm.  Doors open for parents at 5:45 pm.  (Please don't come in the hall during our rehearsal.  Thank you.)  Concert starts at 6:00 pm and will end by 6:40 pm!  See you tonight!!



Mrs. Barbour’s Contact Information:  gailbarbour@cusd.com

(559) 327-3765 Choir Office, (559) 960-3054 Cell


Overview of Month:


            DATE                                 EVENT                                TIME                                            WHERE                            WHO


Monday, March 5        Evening Concert               6:00-6:40 PM                     Clovis North Concert Hall              All

                                                                                  (SA & CC Call Time:  5:00 pm)

                                                                                  (TB & CH Call Time: 5:20 pm)

Tuesday, March 6         CMEA Festival                    7:30 am-1:00 pm              Clovis North Concert Hall              SA & CC


Friday, March 9             6th Grade Assembly         8:00-10:30 am                   ASI Gym                                               CH & TB


Monday, March 12          CUSD Choral Festival       Times TBA                           Clovis North Concert Hall              All


Thursday, March 22    Central Coast Festival    8:30 am-9:45 pm              Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo               CH & TB



Monday, March 5, Evening Concert: (for families and friends of choir students)


                5:00 pm               Students Report

                5:50 pm               Doors Open

                6:00 pm               CONCERT BEGINS!

                6:40 pm               End of Concert


Students should wear their formal choir dress.  Girl’s hair should be slicked back into a fairly high and neat pony tail.  There will be no admission charged, no donations requested.  Just come and listen to our choirs perform their festival literature for the first time before a friendly audience of family and friends!



Tuesday, March 6:


7:30 am                Soprano/Alto Chorale & Concert Choir report to choir room already dressed in formal concert attire.

8:30                        Load buses

8:35                        Depart

8:45                        Arrive Clovis North

9:00                        Official warm-up session

9:20                        PERFORM

9:40-11:40           Listen to six other middle school and high school choirs

11:40                     Load buses

11:45                     Depart Clovis North

11:55                     Arrive Willow Station McDonalds for Lunch (Students please bring lunch money or sack lunch.)

12:40 pm             Depart Willow Station

12:45                     Return to ASI

1:00                        Students go to their 7th period class.



Friday, March 9, 6th Grade Recruitment Concert:


                8:30 am                Chamber and Tenor/Bass students report to ASI Choir Room dressed in ASI Choir shirts,

                                                jeans, and school dress code shoes (tennis shoes, other closed toe shoes.)

                9:30                        Assembly Begins

                10:30                     Assembly Ends

                10:45 am             Return to 4th period class



Monday, March 12, CUSD Festival - Details TBA


Thursday, March 22, Central Coast Choral Festival:


            7:30 am             Chamber and Tenor/Bass students report to the choir room, seated for roll and announcements

            7:50                 Load buses

            8:10                 Depart ASI

            10:30               Rest Stop at Paso Robles to eat and change into concert attire    

            11:30               Depart Paso

            12:30 pm         Arrive Cal Poly

1:00-3:15 pm   FESTIVAL

3:00                 Students change back into comfy clothes on bus

3:15                 Depart Cal Poly for Pismo Beach

3:30                 Arrive Pismo Beach for eating, shopping, volleyball, bowling

5:45                 Report to buses for roll call

6:00                 Depart Pismo

7:50                 Rest Stop in Kettleman City

8:20                 Continue home

9:45 pm           Arrive back at the ASI bus parking lot



Parents:  I will need parent chaperones for each festival we attend.  That is Tuesday, March 6, Monday, March 12, and Thursday, March 22Please refer to my contact information on the upper front page of this document and let me know asap if you are available to join us one or more of these days to be there for the comfort and safety of the group your child is in.  Thank you in advance!


Also, please remind your kids to get out their choir dress, pants/shirts, and concert shoes to make sure everything still fits and is the proper length.  Often students need to let hems down, trade uniform pieces or get bigger shoes by this point in the year to look good for these March festival performances.  They are our CLASSI model “tests” for the year and thus it is very important our students look good from head to toe. 


Again, thank you in advance for taking the time to check things before this performance season begins.




Gail Barbour

ASI Choir Director






















Mrs. Gail Barbour has been the director of the ASI choir program since 1997.  ASI has four (4) choirs, including Chamber Choir, Concert Choir, Tenor/Bass Chorale, and the Soprano/Alto Chorale.  All ASI choirs have earned a solid reputation for creating quality music and enjoyable concert experiences.   
Please find the "ASI Concert Schedule" link found on this website's toolbar (to the left).  Each student's grade includes his/her commitment and follow-through to attend and participate in each of these performances.  Therefore, it is very important that these dates be posted on your family's calendar.  Please remember to regularly check the concert schedule for additions and revisions as the school year goes on.