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Policies and Procedures 
for Successful Room 8 Students


Homework: Students are almost always able to begin their assignments in class and then finish them up at home. Students should be bringing this work home nightly. Assignments should be written down in the planner daily. If you do not see information in the planner, or the work coming home for you to review, something is wrong. It is the student’s responsibility to plan for all assignments and tests. All homework should be placed in the child’s folder. The folder should come back and forth to school every day. You can access Room 8’s class website to look for assignments and information by going to the Century website, clicking staff, and then your teacher’s name.


Late Homework: If a student is missing an assignment, for a reason other than being ill, they will need to turn it into the late bin. Students missing homework will be sent to recess room to complete their assignments. Please send a note if there were unusual circumstances that prevented them from completing their assignments.


Email:  Staying informed about what is going on in class is very important. Your child should be able to relay what they are learning each day. To stay even more informed please make sure that you provide the school with your email address. You can reach me at jarodpiccolo@cusd.com.



Absences: To be successful your student needs to be in class daily. If a student is sick, please call the office and request homework for the day. This will help your child to stay on track and not to fall behind in work.  You will need to call in all absences to the attendance secretary in the front office. You can reach the office at 559-327-8400. You can also clear absences on the Century website. It would also be helpful if you would email me to let me know about the situation. I am willing to adjust assignments for very ill students if I know what is going on.


Grades: To help monitor your child’s grades, graded work is sent home weekly. You can also check your child’s report card grades on the Parent Connect (Zangle) site. This will have an updated list of your child’s grades, and missing assignments,. You can access the Zangle site at https://zangleweb01.clovisusd.k12.ca.us/parentconnect/. You can also find this website from the CUSD home page. (Click on Parents, Parent Connect, and enter your password.) 


Dropping off Items at School: 

If you must bring something by the school for your child, (i.e. missing sports clothes, lunch, etc.) please do not stop by the classroom to drop it off. This disrupts the learning process. Please drop off all items in the front office. The office will email me and let me know to send the child down to pick it up. Thank you for your help with this matter.